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Crazy airbnb stories like the ones below pour in from all over the globe. Coincidence? well...

Im finally ready to talk about her

I will preface by saying I think Im silly to believe in ghosts and I get embarrassed to speak about it. The alternative to believing I was haunted is admitting I am much more mentally ill than I thought. Which is absolutely possible. Youre welcome to offer logical explanations.

This took place over a few years in a farmhouse in the desert of Arizona. It was newly developed land, we moved into the place when I was fifteen. At the time, I was going through a lot emotionally and smoking a lot of weed. That might explain some of my personal experiences so Ill try not to dwell on them too much.

The house was set up almost plantation style. It was very wide and narrow, a big wraparound porch and lots of awkward corners. The front room was a tall library with an open balcony to the upstairs, which ran into long skinny bedrooms. My parents room was closest to the stairs and attached to a nursery with a sliding en suite door. My brothers (two years younger) and my room were at the end of a dark hallway. That side of the house never got sun so it was bad vibes all around. Downstairs, there was a #$@$ed up Harry Potter style closet, a sunken living room, a kitchen in the center of the house, and a sunken playroom for the baby.

It honestly started the first day we moved in. My brother and I were the only ones in the house, unboxing plates. The place was so empty everything echoed. I swear it sounded like a little girl laughed, like a creepy track you could get off an app or something. Keep in mind the TVs were not plugged in, we were on an acre of land far away from the dirt road, and my brother was way too stupid to pull a prank like that.

I started hearing voices at night. This wasnt unusual, I honestly used to freak myself out so badly I think I made up noises to scare myself. My parents had raised me not to talk about things scaring me, to tough it out and be a big girl. It was fine most of the time during the day. Everything came at night. I remember distinctly when it started messing with me in bed.

In solidarity, my brother and I kept our bedroom doors open for the hallways nightlight, and in case we needed to call for each other. We had a pretty #$@$ed up childhood that might have contributed to all the codependency Ill describe during this. I was falling asleep, but not quite out. I felt the blanket slipping off the bed and reached down to grab it. This was common, I didnt have a bed frame with a foot. It kept slipping no matter how I tried to tuck it. In classic horror movie fashion, the last time I pulled it I felt tension. There was nothing it could have been caught on. I feel like the second I went from confused to terrified it bounced back to me. I dont know how to explain this well, but I was sure someone was under the bed pulling it from me.

Later I moved another nightlight into the bedroom. It was a kind of spooky amber orange and I convinced my parents to let me paint the walls cherry red. Again, I was almost asleep but not quite asleep so I dont think it could have been sleep paralysis. I heard the carpet rustle and maybe joints cracking. It sounded like my mom had come to check on me. I opened my eyes and immediately froze. I dont think Ive ever been more scared in my life. There was a woman crawling across my floor, from the far side of my room to the foot of my bed. She was pale and stringy haired like she was going bald. I couldnt see her face. I dont know how I fell asleep. I couldnt scream or move. I think she disappeared under my bed. Again, this could be a hallucination.

My baby brother was about seven months old when she started coming out during the day. My mom was a teacher at the time and was able to stay home with us during summer vacation. It was lunch time, we were watching a movie quietly downstairs while the baby napped. There were noises upstairs, like something dropped to the ground. We listened for a second before my mom ran up. She thought the baby had fallen out of his crib.

We opened the door and found him asleep. There was some weird $#!# on the floor, it took us a while to figure out it was dry wall or something. There was a crawl space to small attic where the ac and insulation could be reached. It was barely big enough to get into and a good 9 feet from the ground. It also had to be pushed up and slid over to open. There was a visible gap. The carpet was a really ugly dark blue, so we could see white #$@$ing spots on the ground like something was dragged from one side of the room to where the crib was. It stopped right in front of it. My mom checked the closet and called my stepdad. He couldnt leave work, so we stayed downstairs until he got home and checked the crawl space. We have never had animals, its really difficult for most things to live in AZ so wildlife is pretty rare in that area. He didnt find anything, or signs of anything living up there.

This happened every other day for two weeks. We really didnt know what to make of it, my mom thought it might be the ac suctioning the opening up. It stopped and didnt happen again for two and half years, when my baby sister was born and stayed in the same crib. Again, it happened on and off for a few weeks and never again. The AC never popped that opening open again.

To keep my own solo experiences brief, I had a period of three months where I straight up did not sleep. I went crazy. Every night I felt like my bed was shaking. The instant I laid my head dead it would vibrate, the metal frame would sway, Id feel like some was pushing the mattress between the baseboards, or sitting on the corner. I had my brother touch the frame one night to tell me if the shaking was in my head or not. He said it wasnt, but Im not sure if he was just playing into it. I thought I might be having seizures or something. At one point, I got so frustrated I started sleeping on the couch downstairs with the dog. I started hearing whispers too. Not a noise that sounded odd, but someone calling my name. My name has three #$@$ing syllables.

I would be in my room, door open, doing something at night after my parents went to bed. It was a female voice but it sounded off. I dont know how to explain it. The downstairs really scared me after the lights went out, so I never went down but I did walk to the balcony to look down. I never saw anything, but the whispering would stop when I got close. My brother started hearing it too. Hes kind of weird, his lifes dream has been enlisting in the army, so his reaction was always getting his knife and walking right downstairs to confront it. Hed turn on the lights and look around before coming back up. He slept on my floor a few nights because he was convinced she wanted me. We had prior haunting experiences which led to my parents making jokes that the ghosts follow us. They didnt pay much attention to it at this time when it was quiet.

One night my parents went out with the babies. My brother and I were in our rooms, doors open per usual. We started hearing something weird, I thought it was the wind. It got louder until it was clear a woman was #$@$ing wailing. I know it sounds crazy, but it was so clear. We hid in my room for what felt like hours, calling my mom. For some reason it didnt occur to us to call the police. The crying stopped. We hatched a plan to run for the stairs and out the nearest door. All of the lights were on in the house and my brother had his stupid knives. Its like it knew we were going to leave. We heard shuffling outside the door and maybe breathing. It couldve been the air conditioning. We kind of decided that we were ready to die, unlocked the door and booked it. The crying started again and it was clear it was in my parents room.

We stood outside the property line for an hour waiting for them to come home, watching the house. No one couldve gotten out without us seeing. We had huge windows lining the upstairs hallway that showed everything with the lights on. My parents made fun of us, and still do about that night.

A few other incidents include my baby brother talking to the man upstairs. Hed stand in front of the balcony and talk up to someone. He told us the man was hiding in my room. He talked about the man in the window and would ask whos that? directed at the doors at night. I dont want to talk about all of it, but there were so many instances of voices, doors slamming, and things being knocked over in my room that I thought I was losing my mind. I moved out at 18 and came back occasionally, usually to babysit.

Apparently, my reluctant believer mother and absolute skeptic stepdad watched a coffee pot jump off the counter. They also were sitting outside having a fire open evening when they saw a figure in the balcony window of their bedroom. It was a tall man, but my stepdad still needed urging to go upstairs. It appeared a second time, closer to where the nursery door was. My mom said she had horrible dreams about a man in the corner of her room after that. She was present for many of the times we heard footsteps upstairs, doors slamming when the AC was off, etc, but she always denied there being anything wrong.

My parents left town with the kids for a week. At this point I was 19 and living happily an hour away. My mom begged me to check on my brother and stay a few nights for the weekend. I arrived during the evening after I got off of work. I asked how it had been alone, he said he was fine he just didnt go upstairs at night and minded his business. He said if he ignored it and tried not to get scared then it ignored him. He felt safe with the dog. We were watching youtube and eating when we started to hear a deep noise. At first I thought it was a bike or one of the small buggies people drove out there. Then I noticed it was holding a tune.

It was humming. The dog had a weird thing about staring into the bathroom if the door was open, which was scary at night. This time, the door was closed and he still stood up and stared. The noise was so deep it sounded like it couldnt be human but it was definitely melodic, theres nothing I could figure out to explain it. My brother and I just kind of looked at each other. Then a door slammed upstairs and we decided to #$@$ off and go on a walk.

When we got back, I decided I would sleep in my parents room. It didnt feel right to stay in the kids room, but looking back it wouldve been best to stay close to my brother. I fell asleep surprisingly easy. I guess about two hours passed before my brother slammed the door open. The house smelled like it was burning. Not really like a fire smell, but like burning plastic and trash. I was panicked, I was the adult and didnt know what to do. We checked the house, I turned of the air conditioning thinking it might be on fire. We opened all the windows and fell asleep on the couches downstairs.

The next day the smell was still lingering but less overwhelming. The air conditioner was fine when I turned it back on. Like usual, the day was fine. That next night my brother and I went on a Jack n the Box run. It might have taken thirty minutes. We arrived home to a mess of blood, vomit, and $#!#. The dog was sick all over the living room. We immediately took him to an emergency vet certain he was dying. They checked him for everything they could and gave him a clean bill. When we got home, all hell broke loose. My brother and I were cleaning up the mess with the doors open for air flow. There was absolutely insane banging noises from upstairs. We hadnt locked up on the way out, my brother thought someone had snuck in and was trashing the upstairs.

He went up to check and I hung downstairs ready to call the police. Nothing happened, nothing even seemed out of place. We kept cleaning but the noise started almost immediately. It kind of sounded like someone was shouting behind a wall of cement. I couldnt tell the gender. My brother told me he had been fine until I got there, that I could leave if I wanted. I totally did, and I didnt go back.

My parents sold the house this year. During the interim of the move, they stayed in an Airbnb. My brother lived really close to his work so he stayed in the house with the dog for a few weeks. This story is just his own so Im still not sure if I believe it. Hes kind of weird but not one to embellish.

He had been hearing the usual things, even his name being called in the night, but ignored it all. His friends had been coming over to keep him company. The last day he was supposed to finish moving, he brought a friend. He says he felt they were being watched the whole time they cleared the place out, and his friend left him to lock up. The got into the car facing the house when they noticed the blinds were open, they were definitely closed on the way out. His friend claims he saw them open from the side of his eye.

My brother says there was a woman squatting in front of a downstairs window, close to where he had just left from. She was pale, her nose was hooked, and her hair was black and stringy. Again, classic horror movie ghost. He said she had black eyes with visible white dots in the middle (inside out eyes as he called them). And she was smiling. He says it took him a second of shock to realize she was looking right at him. He felt sick, like she could walk right out and get him. The burned rubber when his friend snapped out of it and they screamed at each other all the way down the road about what they saw. He called me right after to explain it, but I was with friends and not really willing to listen. What #$@$s me up is that my mom thought he had a psychotic break, he went into his room and cried all night at the Airbnb. She thought something happened with his girlfriend. My brother is not a crier. I havent seen him do it since we were little.

When we got together and talked about it, his eyes teared up then too. He said he didnt know why but he knew she wanted to kill him. He drew a picture of her, let me know if youre interested in seeing it. Its not great but it still fills me with the deepest foreboding. It took me a while to realize that I saw her too, just once in my bedroom almost five years ago. Seeing her suddenly made sense. I knew it didnt feel like a woman, but it felt feminine. It felt like something pretending to be a woman.

Anyways, I know this is long. Feel free to offer your opinion. My ex brought this up today, we dated all through high school and had a few experiences together that she recounts as her only paranormal encounters. I would love to still think this was my own delusion, but it was shared by too many people to be. Maybe a few things are explainable but most of it isnt. Its affected me so deeply Im still terrified that if I think too much about her shell follow us a state away.

I also forgot to mention we heard word from neighbors that the previous family had twelve people (Mormons) living in a house we could only fit six into. They were really weird according to multiple families and they moved in with 5 kids and left with 4. We heard a toddler drowned in the upstairs bathtub. No idea which one or if this is true, we couldnt find any documentation.

Thats all I have, Ill answer any questions.

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So I rented a house on Airbnb...

It was fairly normal, overall. Everything was fairly modern and classy, but the dining room in the front of the house was just out of place. It was all dark wood, antique furniture, old oil paintings on the wall (like the dining room was from someone's grandma but the rest of the house was 40 something stoners).

The first time I walked into this room, I got a really bad vibe, got goosebumps and just did NOT want to be near that room. I'd love to believe in paranormal stuff, but I have a science background and am always trying to disprove stuff, you know?

Luckily I was staying in the house next door (we rented two houses) so I didn't spend a lot of time in the first house. But I went back at least 2 more times and took a look at that room, and both times I got the same feeling. Nowhere else in the house. Only the dining room.

Is this something that other people have experienced?

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Demonic Entity Attachment (unlike most stories)

I need to write this down and share because this is a totally different experience than just ghosts, angels, demons and all that. I feel like youll very much be intrigued and confused if you can read this entire story.

This is a long story about an entity I have had attached to me for roughly two and half to three years now. (And honestly Im so heightened to experiences that I was never really terrified or wanting to cleanse the energy away due to the fact that I have very different and abstract spiritual beliefs only because of my personal experiences) I seriously believe that whatever this entity is was never human or a part of our realm, I will go more in depth later in the story but this creature almost mocks the Christian ideologies of angels and demons. This entity is not negative nor positive and I believe it does not have a gender although I feel a more masculine presence over a feminine one.

So lets begin. The first experience I ever had with this creature clicked in my head and has made me shift my idea on how the entity became attached to me. At first I believed it was because I used a Ouija board and a few days after I noticed the presence a lot more but NO! I have later remembered I did a guided third eye mediation which is no longer on YouTube and Im glad its not because if this happened to someone who wasnt as capable with energies I would be very worried.

The meditation I did about 4 12 years ago was very strange, I remember laying down in my bed and listening to the voice on the video, it asked you to start breathing in a very strange way, you had to almost have a shaking breathing style and listen to audios I have never heard on any other guided or non guided meditation and Ive participated in endless amounts of them. During the meditation I felt and envisioned a large black hand with long nails on the left side of my chest, it felt as if I was sitting up in my bed and I could feel the hand push me gently back down to the bed, I didnt want to break the meditative state and even though my heart began to race I continued to keep my eyes closed and I followed till the end of the meditation when I could hear the voice giving cues to wake up again. After sitting up all I could see was a strange purple aura around everything I looked at. (This comes into play later)

After that meditation I never really notice the energyhand again until fast forward a few years to when I used the Ouija board, a few days after using the board I started to feel a very angry masculine presence on the far corner of my garage, the same garage I used the board in. I paid no mind to it really at first due to the fact ever since I was a child I had been having experiences and feeling energies so at that point I was accustomed to it.

The energy started to become more comfortable with my presence and I began to no longer feel that negative energy, I can feel a very heavy energy in my stomach and chest but it is no longer dark and negative. After a few months of feeling the presence everyday it began for lack of better language trying to #$@$ with me more in a childish yet more powerful way than Ive ever felt any other energy do. This energy I strongly believe is the most powerful I have ever personally encountered and possibly will ever encounter.

The entity would always be behind me when I was walking to the garage the door to leave, many times I would go to open the door and it would close itself, I could feel the entity behind me and I started to talk aloud to it from then on (I dont get verbal responses that I can hear or responses sometimes at all its more the entity will do something in response to my words or will shift the energy Im feeling as to give a response)

The entity definitely likes to use doors the best when it wants my attention but it has actually touched me like the meditation and another few times.

I was with my friend at probably 2am in our small town in the grocery store parking lot on our bikes we didnt want to drive since it was summers and we were taking in the fresh air, I closed my eyes while standing in the empty parking lot, I was hovering over my bike and my friend was beside me. All of a sudden I felt those same black hands with sharp nails gently on my lower back, I immediately opened my eyes and looked to my friend who could immediately see something had happened, I asked if she had touched me which she said no since she was beside me the whole time, she would start to sometimes feel the entities energy around me.

One time I was driving probably a couple weeks after the parking lot incident and she seen the hand come beside my face while I was driving, that same summer we went on a trip with together with two other people, there was a small pond near the Airbnb we were staying at and at about 3:00am we were about to go to the pond and one of the people we were with yelled hail Satan into the pond forested area. I told my friend after that, that the entity was planting the idea in my head that we shouldnt go in there, I was feeling super heavy and as I said that she had a look in her eyes that I wont forget, she mentioned she could see the dark entity wrapping its arms around my shoulders as if to hold me down to not go in.

When we went in the pond area anyways a light from a utility shed kept flashing on and off a total of 3 separate times, my friend and I knew we all had to pack up our stuff and leave the bench we were sitting on. We left the pond and the next day the other two people on the trip who arent very spiritually inclined or open to it left for the day and my friend and I went back to the pond we both had an overwhelming need to for whatever reason, we noticed the bench we were sitting on the night before was a memorial bench and the two others had disrespected that space and that is why the entity was trying to get me to leave the pond that first night.

Fast forward to after the summer trip to around October 2019 I started dating my SO and my friend from before was at my SOs house with me and her boyfriend at the time, we were all sitting at the kitchen table and the door behind us opened by itself. My friend looked to me and said hey! So I replied thats no very nice sir, close the door Needless to say everyone almost died of shock when the door immediately closed. This is when I started to really know that is entity is very very real, it will do things in front of the people Im around and not just in front of me, that was what really stuck in my head.

Other small experiences included, the shower curtain blowing open when I was showering, the screen door to my house holding open once I swung it open and there was no wind, a door near my entry way always opens when I havent paid much attention to the entities presence and it wants to remind me. When I was watching The Nun he mimicked the hands over my face in the coffin scene to mock the Christian demons and movie, And I could go on, I think you get the idea.

This entity I notice has a purple aura which is what made me realize that it was attached to me most likely because of the meditation. Anyways this entity is still always around me, just yesterday I got goosebumps and chills over my entire body when I was in a down mood and I could feel the entity directly behind me, not trying to drain my energy but I was feeling very alone and it was almost like it was trying to comfort me. I have decided that Im not going to try and cleanse this energy away and Ill let it stay for as long as it feels like since Im not being drained, its not hurting anyone, and I see no need to detaching the entity if it doesnt want to go and it isnt doing anything. Its been attached to me fully for a up to 3 years now and Its a normal part of my daily life. If you made it to the end of my scrambled story Im glad I could keep your interest! Id love to know what you think of this, any comments or questions would be appreciated!

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hanger glitch? (yes, a clothing hanger)

A few weeks back my husband I randomly decided to take a last minute weekend road trip. We stayed in a completely random small town in southeast Colorado. One of the few Airbnbs still available within our price range in that region. Its not a very touristy town either we have never been to CO we didnt really care. It was about a 10 hour car ride from us (west texas) so quite the hail but we enjoy driving so it didnt bother us.

That night right as we were laying down to go to bed, our power goes out. Which is no big deal, but when you are somewhere youve never been before in the pitch black, dead quiet, with no candleflashlight or cell service, its quite spooky. We started to feel quite uncomfortable. So we went outside to sit in the car charge up our phones. Once we came back in, still pretty freaked out, we did a quick walk through of the place opened up the closet in the bedroom. At first didnt notice anything, but when I peaked back in I noticed a hanger.

A hanger from the dry cleaner on the exact road we live on back home (had the paper over it w company name, logo, street address, etc). Mind you - we drove ten hours to get to this place. Over 700 miles. Completely random too. So its not like some major vaca destination. And the same hanger from the same dry cleaning place that my husband uses weekly is chilling in the closet of our cabin?

The clothes we brought with us were thrown in a duffel bag, so by no means did we accidentally bring the hanger or even plan to hang stuff up. If it wasnt for the electricity going out us checking through the place we would have never noticed it.

After this, we were kinda creeped out. Almost like the place we came to was some sort of fake replication of a woodsy getaway that was somehow glitching bringing with it bits of info from where we came from.

Am I thinking of this too deeply, or is it actually kind of strange? Its definitely stuck with me.

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My Paranormal Experiences

A bit of backstory-I have always had a really strong connection to energy and all manners of entities and whatnot. Not sure why, but I do know my grandfather was a mason so thats a bit sketch. Anyway, Im just gonna go ahead and list this out in chronological order. I welcome anyone to top this as I am only 22 and there is A LOT. Also, Im currently pursuing a degree in biochemistry, I say this because I am an extremely scientifically oriented person in regards to how I view life. I consider logic and reason coupled with natural laws to supersede any sort of visual or auditory paranormal happenings, physical is another matter, but most of these events come with multiple witnesses andor completely defy all natural laws so its just completely unexplainable. Ok here we go.

This was essentially my first experience with the paranormal, and it was quite an intense series at that. I was about seven years old when in the middle of the night, I awoke to a feeling on my neck, I turned over to see a hand connected to thin air grasping my shoulder. Being unaware to what such a thing could even mean, I simply thought I was dreaming. Although I would soon come to realize that was definitely not a dream. Several weeks later I was sleeping and this time I awoke to coughing that I could tell was not my parents. Odd I thought to myself, but again I believed that I was just dreaming while still slowly realizing something was off. The next three events are a little hard to recall in the right order as one of them was particularly traumatizing.

The least intense was walking into my room to find that this grandfather clock I had built out of Knex toys(bootleg legos that were more pencil like and less bricky) was turned completely upside down and balancing perfectly upright, which is impossible considering a grandfather clock by design has a tip that would be impossible for it to balance on for more than a second or two. I came back in the room after being freaked out and found it still there, perfectly balanced. A few days later, I was walking back to my room when I looked up and clear as day, found myself staring into what I believe to be a slightly blurry and transparent, yet still detailed version of my dead grandfather. Im not sure if it was him, but I have a certain feeling and the coughing that I heard earlier might have been him considering he died of lung cancer, there was also of course the grandfather clock incident.

I still cant figure out if the next event happened before or after this one and if it did, who did it? Was my grandfather angry that when I saw him I ran away in shock? Anyway, what I believe was a few weeks later, Im sitting in my chair playing good ol videya games(skyrim ftw) when I feel an ominous presence behind me. Thats when I swiveled around and saw that the living room floor lamp was completely on its side about to fall over! I ran up and when I reached it to see where the cord was, perhaps it had got caught or perhaps something else made me look instead of just rebalancing the lamp,well...the cord was unplugged, and the floor lamp, had a circular base....balancing perfectly at a sharp 50 degree angle, peering straight over me. I dipped the hell out of there and heard the lamp come crashing behind me as I burst through the screen front door. Im still not sure who caused that, as I cant remember really if it had happened before or after the grandfather stuff.

Then things quitted down until I was in high school. Im not sure why but for many years all was chill and then everything picked up in immense ways. I went from hearing an occasional knock or a door slam to experiencing everything under the sun of paranormal besides something as extreme as a skin walker or encountering a mythical being. The craziest thing since the stuff I just mentioned was something crashing in our fireplace even though there were no rocks or anything that had fallen in and that was when I was about 9.

Then right around when I entered high school and started to mature, I also started to pick up on energies, and even predict things in my life with insane accuracy. For instance, one week I went on vacation with my family and upon our return to LA, as soon as we started to get close to the city I could tell, someone had broken into our house. We came back to find our house slightly torn apart but luckily some crackhead had just taken some of my gaming stuff. That was when I was about 15, and by this time I had already been keen to predict when things would go wrong so it wasnt too big of surprise.

There had been thousands of times by this point where I could feel energy and even know what kind it was, from kid to adult, good or evil, male or female, location etc...but I cant chalk those happenings up to much other than a feeling. I had also seen a lot of shadow people or outlines of figures moving around my house but again Im a skeptic so it could have just been a trick of the light or my eyes. Something that was not a trick came later that year, when I woke up to find upon dressing myself, that there was a big handprint on my calf, all purple, nasty and bruised that I never felt and was definitely not there when I went to bed.

There were two pretty weird instances that happened at two different friends houses, one involved having some entity whisper shout in my ear while I was standing in my friends closet, ironically while we were talking about how the closet had a bad vibe. At my other friends house a group of 10 of us all witnessedheard the same thing. Someone got up to use the bathroom in the room next to us, and we all heard my friends grandma respond that shell just be a minute, 10 minutes later my friend checks again and no-one responds, opens the door, no-ones in there. Also his grandma has ms and dementia so the fact she was already in there and had gotten herself upstairs was impossible.

Nothing really crazy happened besides some more little things, then I graduated and went to college, only two things happened in college. The first being a light turning itself off, which was impossible because it was a switch that needed to be flipped and my roommate and I both heard it make the clicking sound light switches do when they are flicked on and off super hard. The next thing was pretty harmless but kind of annoying, on the 9thtop floor every night almost there would be stomping but never see any workmen go down the hall to access the only stairs to the roof. After a year in college I decided to switch majors and finish my general eds back at home at a community college.

At this point I guess from maturing even more, I started to really pick up on all sorts of energies and predict like literally, everything. Any oddity such as something not working or what someone would want I would instantly predict. It happened so often that when I was driving down the freeway and pulled over for fear I was about get hit, and then witnessed a near fatal car accident where I was exactly, essentially realizing I just avoided death...I had had enough. I visited a shaman and did some research, learning about where this strange power could come from and how I could tune it down a little. I still dont know how it works but believe it or not, knowing whats gonna happen before it does isnt always a good thing if you cant avoid it. Sometimes it was literally a life saver but its super paranoia inducing. However, I have recently started gaining control and learned to predict good things more often than bad ones, Ive also gotten really good at telling spirits to f off and exorcise the crap out of my room if something feels off.

Just last month I had a spirit start rolling a damn squash I bought from the grocery store around on my counter like its a toy ball, back and forth, YO put my squash down my guy. That type of dumb stuff haha. And with fine tuning messing with these spirits and predicting events, I seemingly unlocked a new sense.

I dont know if its like a mass of energy or ufos, but several times, in the past year or so, I have literally felt the air vibrate. The only other person who has felt it is one of my friends whos also pretty in touch spiritually speaking. Not sure if its a ufo but it reminds me of the hum that is often described in varying supernatural circumstances. I cant find anything describing this particular instance, because Ive seen descriptions of ufos humming like a sound-wave but this is like the sound IS the air itself, not like the sound is passing through the air into your ears. Its something you feel and hear.

It was enough to shake my friends bed along with his windows and I felt like I was at the loudest concert of my life but the sound was going past my sense of hearing and delving into a pure sensation of unease. Oddly enough, I could tell what direction it was coming from. Sometimes it feels like its coming from far away and being lasered onto an area like a fine point sharpie, other times I can clearly tell that its a layered cone shaped like one of those funky 80s hats.

Another recent event happened on vacation at an airbnb, with the same friend I just mentioned who has this sixth sense. We were both chilling in our room when all of a sudden the room absolutely stank of cigarettes even though no one in our group we were with smoked, and no windows were open. Plus as soon as it was there it was gone. The next night and the following one people in our group said they felt watched and uncomfortable but my friend and I didnt feel anything, however we also felt like something was targeting them and avoiding us.

Well, thats basically it, I could tell some other crazy things that my spiritual friends have experienced. Things like seeing ufo lights, more mimicry, seeing clear cut entities in his house, and feeling intense energies, along with a time warp incident where time passed when it seemingly didnt. Hope everyone enjoyed these quick stories and Ill write about some of my vivid dreams in another post as I feel thats something else entirely. Take care everybody, and remember if the spooky are bothering you, tell him whos daddy.

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