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Dreampunk was born of film scores, techno, hazy vaporwave and DnB tracks - all pointing to the early 2000's (and even as far as the 90's).

It's weird because it pushes listeners into an evocative space of futuristic awe, all while pulling from sounds so dated they make Windows 95 look like a jetpack made of solid chrome.

We can all thank forward thinking ambient music duo 2814 for their contribution of this unique kind of music to the world's collective eardrums.

Oh, and the name... We can thank the cyberpunk movement for that.

Estrokatt - Forty-One

Estrokatt  FortyOne

What is VHS Pop?

VHS Pop is special in much the same way that Dreampunk is.

As a subgenre of Vaporwave, it carries a similar energy and some very soothing tones. But, VHS Pop diverges with Hip Hop vibes and a little something more...

It's an interesting sound, for sure.

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Why is Vaporwave and Dreampunk So Nostalgic?

Dreampunk and Vaporwave are nostalgic for the very sake of nostalgia. Evoking an intense longing for the past is pretty much what these genres are all about.

They do this by focusing on the imagery they're associated with as much as the mood and feel of the music itself.

This can prove to be the perfect combo for many who, overcome with angst at losing their innocent Nintendo 64 days to 'adulting' and the daily grind, turn to any pathway to the past with ravenous hunger.

Kudatah - KDTH025 | Kagami Smile-Secrets Between

Kudatah  KDTH025  Kagami Smile-Secrets Between

Dreampunk music is more about self-soothing than anything else. Sounds drone, meander and twinkle like that constellation night light you lost as a kid.

Dreampunk fans are essentially searching for the serenity they lost along the way. This music helps them find it again.

Of coursee, some take their search a bit too far...

Few other fanbases seem to lose their collective ish over opportunities at buying other collectors' hoards whenever they surface for sale on the interwebz.

HR008 沙漠鱿鱼 - 上海/香港 (Full Album)

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