Candy's Room Time Travel in Tune To "Hither Green"

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Saccharine pop plays as a dream in Candy's Room's "Hither Green".

Sugary retro feels flavor this high-spirited song a special sort of sweet.

In what direction is the wind set to blow?

You're cloaked and swaddled as an eskimo. But, above...

Stars burn as beacons for dreams and hopes.

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"I swore, they could make it..."

Motown musings meet up with scratchy indie pop rock in "Hither Green". Candy's Room deliver distilled magic, melodic, throughout, tempting thoughts to take shape and shimmer in ebullience.

Rhythm erupts come each chorus and tumbles to silence at every verse in this tune. Guitars chirp out warm chords in viola-droned tonal nebulae.


Nostalgia burns bright at the wick as we're transported back to a time before our own in "Hither Green". Motown hides in the groove to jump out at you, just barely retreating as verses press on. You're on cloud nine.

It legitimately doesn't matter what music you like most, you're almost guaranteed to like this song. "Hither Green" brings the old into the new in perfect form. Though it's testament to pop tunes of the past, it feels entirely fitting for the now. Do listen.

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