Canada's Own Katheren Szabo Makes Dramatic Drawings @Katherenfog

Odd Nugget Social-done

Artist, poet and peacemaker of her local community, Katheren Szabo renders highly stylized imagery one line at a time.

Szabo's artwork weaves form in full from inky curves and squiggles.


Deceptive simplicity masks a myriad of emotions in each of her creations. Elements, isolated, branch out and conjoin to a state of visual unity. Unity as a message makes her work all the more entrancing.

Patterns in Katheren's art near tessellation extremes in intricacy all the while retaining an almost youthful brilliance. Have a look for yourself!

Untitled-Scanned-97-2-done Untitled-Scanned-92-doneUntitled-Scanned-80-doneUntitled-Scanned-80-1-doneUntitled-Scanned-78-doneUntitled-Scanned-76-1-done

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