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Shrek was first released on April 22, which is Earth Day and thus appropriate for a movie where the protagonist's goal is to protect a swamp..

With swamp ideas in mind...

Swamp stories that delve into creepy details like the ones below are surprisingly addictive to get into. You probably won't want to stop reading...

Trudging through the deep mud, my left foot got stuck in some kind of cavity and for a moment I almost I realized that I couldn't recall why I had come to the swamp in the first place.

I fumbled in the mud for the obstruction, pulled out a dead man's body with a gaping hole where his throat should have been, and then continued to proceed further into the heart of the swamp.

Posted on Reddit by OzamandiasSy.

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Living isolated near a swamp has made me so much calmer and relaxed.

I mean, its so easy to put the blame on the alligators that I dont even waste my time hiding the bodies anymore.

Posted on Reddit by xXThe_AceXx.

Missing tree?

This is my first post so please be easy on me! Ok so about a year ago I (39f) was telling my boyfriend (38m) about a birch tree on the corner of an apartment complex I grew up in in the 90s. He LOVES birch beer so I told him how if you picked a small branch and peeled the bark you could chew on the twig and it would taste like birch beer. He ended up having a friend move to the complex so when we visited I was excited to point the tree out. As we were pulling in, I noticed the tree and the shrubs around it were gone. I was super disappointed because the tree had sentimental meaning to me. Well today I drove by there and as Im passing the complex theres the tree and the shrubs growing happily right where they were when I was a kid in the 90s. They where 100 not there last year. The tree is mature so theres no way that someone could have planted the same exact tree and have it grow that big by now. Tripped me the hell out!

Posted on Reddit by kalaylay82.

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