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The small town stories below are equal parts funny and frightening. If you're ready for a weird experience or two, do continue!

Hear Me Now

A story of my life from age 16 to now.

Interesting? Maybe, if heart-break, loss, grief, and happy endings are your sort of thing.

Hear Me Now on Wattpad

Another me appeared in the small town I lived in.

It was my senior year of high school and this situation went on for about 6 months. It started out with people approaching me at school asking "Are you mad at me?". An out of the ordinary question for me to get as I was more known as the quiet nice girl and although I didn't have many friends, I was polite with everyone. I didn't want any problems, I just wanted to do my time and get out. I told them that I wasn't and asked why they thought that. They would tell me that they saw me somewhere and I acted like I didn't know them or like I didn't see them. Most of their sightings of me occurred while I was at work or while I was with my friends, so we brushed it off as some girl that looked like me. Surprisingly, even a few of my close friends saw her too but their accounts were a bit different. They only saw me in crowded areas and when they would try to make their way over to me, I would dissapear into the crowd. They'd noted that they thought it was weird because they know that I hate being in crowded areas and it has to be something special for me to even consider getting into all that.

Another issue I had was people I didn't know approaching me swearing up and down that we had met somewhere I hadn't been, and I know it's not uncommon for someone to mistake you for someone else. But this was too frequent, several times a week for several months. And I wasn't a meet new people type of person, when I went out it was with my small group of friends.

But what really caught my attention was the CVS I would stop by every morning before school to get a granola bar, orange juice, and chips to snack on through the day, same thing every morning. The same guy worked there every morning too so we would chit chat during my purchase. 90 of the time I had my hair in a bun, yoga pants, an oversized t-shirt, and vans. But on this particular day I dressed up. I put on a nice fitted pair of black jeans, ankle length boots, a blue 34 sleeve sweater tucked in, straightened my hair, put on make-up, and had big black sunglasses. Dressing up was (and still is) a rarity for me. But the looks I got from this guy that day threw me for a loop.

I walked into the store and he asked "did you forget something?" while looking confused to see me. I noticed and was also a bit confused as he strayed from our usual morning script, I said "no" and continued to get what I was there for. I remember while picking everything up, I kept thinking about how weird that was. I made my way to the counter, put my stuff down and he looked at everything. Looked back up at me and with the most confusedserious face I'd ever seen him make said "you already got these things 20 minutes ago". We started blankly at each other for a good minute before I told him that it was my first time in there that day and he must have seen someone who looked similar to me.

Then, with that same look, he hit me with a curve ball that I just couldn't explain. He said "you're wearing the exact same thing, you're buying the exact same thing, I see you everyday and you're the only one with that beauty mark" while pointing at my face. I was pretty surprised by what I heard but insisted that it was my first time in the store. I also pointed out that I only come in once a day to get the same thing and that if I had already been in and purchased them, I wouldn't be in again until tomorrow. At this point, he just started ringing my things up while occasionally giving me a look of, I don't know, maybe a mix of disbelief, confusion, and suspicion. He bagged up my things while I paid, he handed it and the receipt to me, and as I turned to walk away he said " well, it was nice talking with you again, you look pretty and have a nice day, for a second time." I will acknowledge that this guy did have a thing for me but I wasn't worried about boyfriend's all that much. I just couldn't believe that even he was fooled and he actually chit chatted with her, not the usual ignoreddismissive treatment everyone else got. He truly believed it was me, and believed I was doing the daily routine a second time, which never happened.

It was years ago but that 6 months will stick with me forever. Was she me from a similar alternate universe, was she jumping from her universe to mine during that time and if so why only stop when I start looking for her? Maybe she's a doppelganger, but why would a real physical person appear out of nowhere, be so noticable, and then vanish again half a year later?

Posted on Reddit by anonymousperson02.

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News reports came in that aliens had touched down and started attacking small towns in the midwest.

Unfortunately, this news report came in on April 1st and by the time people saw it wasn't a joke it was too late.

Posted on Reddit by JohnnyBlanco69.

Split Second Glimpse

This is a script for a movie I hope to eventually pitch and produce.

The town of Byfield has always been relatively normal town.

Sure they've had their far share of weird mishaps and other things the town has all collectively agreed not to talk about but what town hasn't? Nothing weird was mentioned until the disappearance of 3 kids.

That's when the stories began to unfold, and in a way, tell themselves.

Please don't steal my work, Thanks.

Split Second Glimpse on Wattpad

The sirens sounded for the first time in our small town, instead of an expected warning we got something completely different.

the entity known as [ redacted ] has landed on the surface, use your remaining time to say goodbye to your loved ones.

Posted on Reddit by Shanewerewolf.

There was a serial killer loose in my small town, so the news said lock your doors while the police searched for him.

I let a girl in that was seeking safety from the murderer, but slowly realized that the news isnt right 100 of the time.

Posted on Reddit by sppidderman.

What's Said About Them

A story about legends and history.

A story about family and secrets.

A story about demons and devils and ghosts.

A story about the truth.

What's Said About Them on Wattpad

Tragedy struck my small town when the police reported the disappearance of four local children in under a week.

I guess no one cared enough to notice little Jeremy was missing too.

Posted on Reddit by AbyssalTurtle.

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