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You could be the last human to touch a rock if you throw it into a river, lake, or ocean.

I digress...

The best of the bizarre... The lake stories that follow are definitely not the norm!

Mosquito Lake

McKenna Dunn plans on having the time of her life during her birthday weekend at Mosquito Lake.

But the lake holds many secrets, and so do her parents.

Now McKenna needs to unravel the mystery surrounding her.

If she discovers the truth of what happened so many years ago, will she be able to move on from it, or will it ruin her life forever?

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The Night Sky Disappeared

Thought I'd post my other unexplained glitch here as well.

Like I said in my previous post, I've seenfelt a number of weird thing in various national parks, BLM land and national forests. I'm actually going to get my wilderness first responder certification this March because of some uneasiness last summer in a remote park... But really only this and my other post could be described as a glitch in the matrix.

I did a volunteer program after college and we frequently went on nature retreats as a big group. This happened in November 2018 at a campground just east of Mount Rainier National Park. It was so remote that no one in our nearly 50 person group had cellphone service. Our only tie to the outside world was a ranger that came to check on us once a day. We weren't allowed to have alcohol or drugs at these retreats. So no, none of us were intoxicated in the slightest.

There were a couple cabins throughout the campground and if you walked through the trees a bit, there was a sizeable lake.

A few friendshousemates and I wanted to look at the night sky because we knew it would be full of stars. This is Washington state, so all the trees are massive and block out most the sky. The only place we'd really be able to see stars would be over the small lake. So we head down to the lake area despite it being pretty cold. There's two logs there for us to sit on as well. We settle in waiting to see some shooting stars.

It was a running joke in our house that we needed to see five shooting stars when campingin the woods in order to fall asleep. 45 of us in this group all lived together at the time. So we are all steadily watching the night sky for about 10-15 when this happens.

It only happened for maybe half a second. But we all saw it. For the shortest moment of time, half the sky went completely white. Just stark white, like a sheet of paper was placed over half the night sky, right down the middle. After a moment one of us said "did... everyone see that?"

We all confirmed what we saw. If you read my last post you know I of course was wanting to figure out what it was. I never found a solid explanation. And similarly with my other friends, these friends also told me to stop talking about it whenever I brought it up monthsyears later.

It wasn't scary to me. Just again, super odd and I don't have an explaination for it. It made no sound and was gone before any of us could comprehend it beyond what I described. It wasn't lightening (I'm from the Great Lakes region so I know lightening), it wasn't an airplane... No idea.

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More Like This

"Higher dad!" the boy laughs while his father push the swing.

With one powerful swing the chain snapped and the boy flew straight into the lake.

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The Summer of '69

14 year old Skylar and her twin sister Kylie are on vacation at their grandmother's cottage with their family (Mom, Dad, and little sister Opal) in Wisconsin.

It's the summer of 1969, and the twins are nothing but excited to have fun.

About half a mile from the cottage, Kylie and Skylar discover a lake that seems haunted and it looks to be a billion feet deep.

Skylar seems to know that she's being haunted.

Creepy things happen to her and she sees a ghost who identifies herself as a girl named Sydney.

Sydney hated Skylar, and she loved Kylie.

But when things switch around and Kylie is hated by Sydney, Skylar must do what Sydney says.

When one night, a serial killer named the Dice Man goes on the loose, Skylar forgets about her predicament with Sydney and Kylie.

She has to fight for her life before it's too late.

One night changes it all.

The Summer of '69 on Wattpad


I had an experience today. I saw a big group of birds flying through the sky, I was looking at them and then they just disappeared right in front of me. Unfortunately no one else was there to see it though! They were there and then they were not, there is no where they could have gone, it was in the middle of the sky with nothing around it.

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Strange but not creepy experience at the Salt Lake City Airport

Unsure if this is the right place to post this but never found a good answer as to what exactly happened.

In July 2019 I was stuck on flight standby lists trying to get back to LA from Chicago. After hours of waiting and hoping I made it onto one of the last flights out of Chicago that put me at the Salt Lake City airport around 1 am local time. Exhausted and with nothing more to do until the next flights starting running at 6 am, I found the best spot on one of the hallway floors in the terminal to try to get some sleep.

I - a 24 year old female traveling alone - tried my best to get comfortable and eventually fell asleep in the completely empty (COMPLETELY empty, I didnt see any workers and everyone from my flight exited the terminal) airport.

Sometime after falling asleep, I woke up to see an older woman, short dark hair, maybe 60s70s, placing a dark cardigan over me as I slept. Sounds weird to type out but at the time nothing about it felt anything but comforting, as I was a little cold and again - on the floor of an airport. I was awake enough to notice that she had a very kind face, very grandmotherly, dressed in plain dark clothes (no airport uniform or custodial outfit) and no bags that I could see. No purse, no carryon, nothing but the dark cardigan she placed on top of me. I also dont remember seeing anyone else round at all, but I think I fell asleep fairly quickly after that without processing it much.

I woke up around 5 am as people began entering the terminal for the early flights, with the cardigan still on me. I remember looking around, not sure what to do with it, before folding it up and placing it on one of the windowsills and heading to try to get on a flight.

At the time it didnt feel weird, but every time I recount the story I wish I had an explanation for why this lone grandmother was at the airport when there were no flights running and surrendered her cardigan to me without a word.

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2 Whispers in the Wind

Kalyani Chopra has been living in Pennsylvania for years.

She thought she knew every nook and cranny of the state, but thanks to a new house opportunity, she learns that she's moving to a new place: Fir Hills.

It's a nuisance to her how she hadn't known about this place.

The teens she meets are always angsty, or worried about something.

They think the most strange things are normal.

Some of them are absolute pains, others adorable, others just downright creepy.

And to top it all off, she has sister drama.

Getting to know each other is always hard.

But Kalyani had no idea what it would mean once they did.

Would she be willing to test everything? Would she help everyone by risking herself to the whispers? Turns out this town was not what she had thought at all...

2 Whispers in the Wind on Wattpad

A family walking the opposite direction beat us to the lake

I'm on a phone so excuse any formatting weirdness.

Yesterday my (29f) fiance (29m) and I went to a lake about 20min from our house. We're very outdoorsy and love a lake day, and we love this lake in particular bc we found a great secluded swimming area - you have to hike 2 miles to get there after parking, so it's often either empty or just adult couples hanging out, sometimes families with older kids.

The hike there is one narrow paved road with the mountain side on one side and a steep drop off into a river bed on the other side, so there's absolutely no way around it and no alternate routes (we also asked the park ranger the first time hiking it and he confirmed it's the only trail to this swimming area).

So yesterday we park and start walking, and we notice a guy and his two kids exploring the trail a bit, walking back and forth like he's trying to figure out where the lake is. Pretty common occurrence. They were a memorable bunch bc the father and son both had bleached sections of hair - dad had dreads with a few of them bleached and his soon had a bleached mohawk with black hair on the sides. They're walking back in the direction of the parking lot, opposite direction we're going, and he asks us where the lake is at and I tell him "about two miles ahead". We keep walking and I hear his daughter yell, exacerbated, behind us "two miles?!" and they kept going towards the parking lot.

We completed the hike and it was very quiet, no other people on the trail that we saw. It would've been pretty difficult to miss others since this is a secluded area, and if someone wanted to pass us we would've had to stop to let them pass since the trail is pretty narrow and we had our dog with us.

So we get to the lake and set up at a picnic table, and I turn to take in the scenery when suddenly I see the same family! They're already set up, and the kids are even swimming, it's like they've been there for a while already! I asked my fiance if that's the same family and how they beat us there, he confirms it's the same bunch but also has no idea. The only thing we could think is if they walked in the riverbed, but we would've heard their voices echo down there and any path down there is completely overgrown with trees and shrubbery so how would they even hike it, and why would they choose to be down there when there's a perfectly good paved trail? And they'd been going in the opposite direction as us when we saw them earlier!

TL;DR: a family that was hiking in the opposite direction as us somehow beat us to the lake with time to spare even though we never saw them pass us.

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