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The Earth is one giant graveyard..

Every animal, every dinosaur, every person that has ever existed has died on this planet.

But, wait...

Graveyard stories with more weirdness than you might have wanted wait for your eyeballs below...

Can't Catch a Boo

After weeks of mourning the death of his best friend, Camden Heiland was ready to reintegrate himself back into the rush of daily life.

However, one last visit to the cemetery brings Camden face-to-face with the ghost of Nathan Jones- former star point guard, community leader, ladies man, and Camden's best friend.

The last thing Nathan must do to leave Earth? Get Camden a girlfriend before school ends.

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The graveyard was dead silent last night.

This is certainly not what my real estate agent had promised.

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I work as a cleaner in the graveyard and I've seen some things.

I know it's a weird job, but imagine having infinite food just by digging up bodies(the fresh ones of course)

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Spiritus Libro (A Short Story)

It's been almost 700 years since he was cast down by the witches, condemned never to walk the earth again.

Tessa and her friends discover the book which holds the key to his release.

What happens on that fateful night when they stumble across the grave of the condemned?

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The prison graveyard.

I do apologize for any grammar mistakes, miss-spellings, and more. English is not my native language.

I have lots of ghost stories but i'll begin with this one.

So my parents lives in a notorious haunted location and i lived in their house for about 16 years. Everyday there was something happening but i'll just keep to the most spooky things and the most common. I was 8 when we moved in and i got the second to biggest room in the house, Straight off the bat it started to smell of pipe tobacco in my room and nobody was smoking in the house, odd i thought to myself but made nothing of it. Soon after the running began.. sooo much running. We had a hallway on the second floor connecting all the bedrooms and small feets would run back and fourth and stop at the staircase leading to the livingroom. This happened daily and still do to this day. I just ignored it and thought it was the '' house setting ''. A little while later we got some dogs and the dogs wouldn't stop barking at my door, ALL time of day, SO MUCH BARKING but nobody was inside, soon after the scratching on walls began, every night, there would be sounds like fingernails running down the walls and nothing could stop it. So my family and i doesn't typically believe in anything '' supernatrual '' so we didnt really speak about this for years. Fast forward a couple of years a new thing showed up, this '' thing '' was way more aggresive. Suddenly shadows started shooting around the living room, hallway and some seen floathing up the stairs, This thing never stopped, we would also feel that we were being watched but when trying to find anyone watching.. there was no-one. Fast forward a couple of years, with all these things happening on a daily basis, whatever was lurking wasn't done cranking it up. One night, we all woke up to a massive crash, we all stormed out into the hallway and saw our big 200 year old oak wardrobe was not only knocked over but completely destroyed. This thing was about 150kg and moving it was a nightmare that required many hands. The following day we sat down in disbelief and we finally spoke about the '' stuff '' as a family and compared notes. We all has noticed the same things over the years and for some reason, it kinda died down for a little while and we all could have a breather, but it just came back in 10 folds. We tried to find out why it's so haunted and other than the prison that is located nearby, we found out that the owner before my parents was butchering animals in the living-room. This is not a farm house, it's located in town so that was odd. We removed the carpets one day and in the middle of the room there was a massive red stain that we couldn't remove.

Time has come for me to move out, living on my own(i got old suddenly). My dad is a very handi handiman and knows what he is doing, he was renovating my room and put up a shelve and locked the door so the dogs wouldn't be running around in there. Suddenly there was a big crash and my dad ran out there. The shelve was torn out of the wall with such force it tore the wood out with it and broke the wall, i mean, it could be decay, but i highly doubt that. He put the shelve somewhere else and it was all fine.

To this day, my parents still live there and they have come to peace with the weird stuff happening and i jokingly ask them if the kids been running in the hallways and yes they do. EVERY DAY.

Sooooo this is about 10 of what happened and i didnt expect it to be this long. I may post more stuff if anyone requests it. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

TLDR: Haunted house, many ghosts and creepy animal butcher.

Edit; The area the house is located in, is downhill from a ancient prison and it is known by the city that a lot of the people who died andor got executed by the prison got thrown in the swamp, which the houses, including my families house got built on.

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I can't believe I got lost in this graveyard

Whats even worse is every time I ask someone for help they scream and take off running.

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Laid to rest

The story follows the horrors that ensue when Goodwill, a man who does justice to his name, unknowingly befriends spirits that request his favour in solving the mystery of their deaths...

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i was on a hike when i found a graveyard in the woods.

the only problem was that the dirt was fresh.

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