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Ghosts are an elusive topic for most...

After all, almost noone seems to be able to see them, but everybody has had an 'experience' or two. Maybe even you.

With people going out of their way to come up with crazy conspiracies about beloved franchises to work in a spooky ghost angle (like the toys in Toy Story being posessed by their previous owners), it's safe to say our collective obsession borders on the insane.

If ghosts are real, then they might be sticking around just to see how crazy we get about finding them.

Or maybe they just haunt us because they're all disembodied peeping Toms.

Who knows, right? Read some of the ghost stories below for more unanswerable questions...

scream halloween


I can see ghosts

I do not know if any on can help me with this but ever since i was little i have been able to see people or shadows out of the corner of my eye

Example: When i was about 7 my little sister was born and when i when you to the hospital there was a group haning around my little sisters crib about 10 years later i brought it up and was told that it what only my mum gran and dad there

Ever since i have been seeing the shadows I and have no one talk to about my 6th sence help

Any tips to help or some one to talk to?

Posted on Reddit by foxcub3127.

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Sonadow ~ My Ghost Story

"Ever wonder if the paranormal have lives like we do? Well, I've met one. And I think I'm in love."

Join a ghost looking for love and a hedgehog who didn't know what love was. Until now.

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Ghost slowly types on my phone while I sleep

While I was asleep, I was on a discord call and my phone was streaming. I was on my notes on my phone while I was asleep. My girlfriend saw that a note was created on my phone, while she was watching it spelt out “I don’t go” - I’m worried about what this means.

Then my girlfriend went to sleep, the phone was on another note. I have auto caps on my phone. She said the note when she woke up was scrolling up and down slowly, then it uncapped the letter “t” like a cross.

I got woken up around 3:45 randomly and I want anyone’s opinion on this please respond.

Posted on Reddit by Inevitable-Buddy4704.

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