Calista Kazuko Can't Quite Keep Calm in "Sweet Jailbird"

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Calista Kazuko's "Sweet Jailbird" jumps at drama like a dog on a leash. The song, paired with its attendant video is very much a must to experience.

Part 2 of Kazuko's 'ultimate musical melodrama,' this installment finds the artist imprisoned in lyrics and video. Powerfully poetic, it's a thrill to hear and see.

The tips of your toes keep you hidden.

The depth of your soul bears the marks.

Scars on the hearts of the living...

Brighter the day, the deeper the dark.

"So ok, I got carried away..."

Draped in the presence and passion of Florence + the Machine and dripping the careful composition of a Bjork production, Calista Kazuko's "Sweet Jailbird" towers gargantuan as a silhouette's shadow, backlit by the sun.

Like film noire forged in the fires of the Doors' segmented sound profile, Calista's own style in "Sweet Jailbird" burns circuits with retro wattage.


Cold bass traces chalk lines over dim strings and creaky floorboards. Vocals reach like waving arms at a receding choir of keys and drums. A story plays out with vivid color, despite a monochrome video.

You'll simply have to see and hear this video and tune for yourself if you want to know more. Don't hesitate, investigate with a press of 'play'.

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