Caleb Linscombe's New Song is So Sweet, It's "Sick"

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Caleb Linscombe cures all that ails you in his new tune "Sick".

This track is jangly jubilee with a cough and a smile.


Pent up - hay-fever...

A sniff and a runny nose...

Pijamas beat clothes.

"This love's contagious..."

Linscombe's "Sick" blotts your brow and brightens your mood with decidedly upbeat sounds.

I wrote this song in the forest one day, but since I’m allergic to every

known thing to mankind, I couldn’t stop sneezing while writing this song.

I started off writing a diss track to my doctor for fun, but then ended up with this.

Caleb Linscombe

Intimate, close vocals traipse a beatboxed pile of percussion. Guitar strings ring, crystal. Tones intertwine, tangle. The mix chimes like sonic sunshine, light, lifting feather moods up and over from under the weather.

caleb linscombe quote

Caleb spins a sickly sweet yarn throughout "Sick," singing a nuanced narrative on a bad case of love. Gamified melody leaves marks on your heart as a happy beat puts band-aids on your brain. The positivity builds to fever pitch, no breaking...

caleb linscombe sick cover

"Sick" sounds way too lively for its namesake - it's the stay home from school and play Pokemon all day variety of illness every 90's kid can appreciate. Press play on the video or the track below and have a go.

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