Caleb Linscombe Makes Light of a "Cold And Dark December"

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Percussive folk pop magic moves as wind against frosted windows in Caleb Linscombe's "Cold And Dark December".

Bracing beats bang up against glistening good vibes in this eclectic creation, conjoining sounds and styles, diverse, to magnificent musical cohesion.

An angel in the snow...

You knew her when you saw her. Your heart burned bright, a-glow.

With every thought, you call her.

C A F E-done-done

"Why don't you come inside and we can make a cup of tea?"

Caleb makes merry music of "Cold And Dark December," summoning up a sense of youthful bliss as enjoyable as it is indescribable.

Raspy snares and dusty kicks collide beneath guitar, synths and samples as Linscombe leads us down a lover's memory lane. Shuffling rhythm drives and drops at intervals, leaving us seated in snowbanks of sound, multifaceted.


Calm conversation to the brisk beat of a heart heating up... Caleb's tone turns evocative as field recordings fill the spectrum with warmth and light at odds with the track's title. Sweetest friendship finds its way through dark and cold to heart and home.

"Cold And Dark December" is a dance in the deep of Winter. Heartfelt and felicitous, it sounds as bright as firelight. Press play and stay a while.

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