Cadence Tell of "The Watcher on the Rock"


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Timed tonality to touch your soul... Cadence's acapella adventure "The Watcher on the Rock" is a lovely listen.

Beautifully refined, beautifully arranged... It's beautiful.

"A noble, clean and upright soul..."

Bobbing in foam. Cold and alone. Water is inky and heavy against you. Holding you up...

Broad light of day and yet, you see stars. Above you. Beneath you. Dragging you down...

"...For in her eyes I sealed my fate..."

All acappella, this song succeeds at sounding entirely robust. The group's vocal arrangement covers just the right ground in sound. Moments of excitement near the chorus actually bring to mind such experimental acts as Gentle Giant.

There's a distinct Gregorian chant quality to "The Watcher on the Rock" that brings to mind Carlo G. Da Venosa's music. Native myth makes for the song's inspiration, however.


The song itself alludes to the Squamish legend of a noble father transformed by a God into a monument; one that stands to this day in Vancouver. Clean fatherhood and sacrifice seep through the lyrics - transforming this tune into something more...

If you've yet to enjoy any of Cadence's music, give this a try. It's well worth a listen.

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