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The entrancing video for Burwell's latest release, "Out of Place", places us unworthy spectators in a wooded space among splintering reflections and idyllic memories.

Also, there are lots of trees.

burwell out of place

Burwell kindly endured my questions for this post, providing a bit of insight into her creative process and perspective. So, keep reading for the Q&A.

Basically, both this song and the accompanying video are beautiful.

How beautiful? Well, I'm very glad you asked...

Vines on Chairs Beautiful...

vines will reclaim us all

"Out of Place" opens up presumably right after someone yelled "into the woods!"

Vines wind their way into view, reclaiming a wooden chair as their own. If you listen really closely, you can hear them chant "one of us..."

Ok, fine, you can't hear that.

burwell looks at some trees and stuff

A fractured mirror divides reality along delicate lines, leading us into a deeply nostalgic space, spellbinding.

Plucky guitar tones take over the spectrum as vocals step, cautious, through turbid terrain.

burwell mirror mirror

Projector lights weave childhood, lost, into tragic expressions.

Burwell doubles up on audible intimacy with a helping of visual melancholy...

burwell out of place lightshow

Take a deep breath and wipe your eyes.

Ready? Good, because the video just started thirty seconds ago, you big baby.

burwell lightshow

In your opinion, what most defines Burwell's sound?

My style is a little melancholy by nature, as i tend to fancy minor chords & lean into the tension...

I like to think there's a mysterious whimsy to it, almost like i'm letting you in on some kind of secret. - Burwell

So far, it's no secret this song is sweet and the setting is solid...

Lace, Light and Lots of Trees

burwell woodland out of place

Fine, I promise not to mention the trees again.

Starting now...

burwell running through woods

Tension mounts as thoughts pool with plucked strings and violin swells.

spinning out of place burwell

Movement in mind translates to motion on-screen as scenes take on new energy.

standing in forest burwell

Light glistens as we listen in on what sounds like lament mixed with longing.

burwell lost in the woods

A struggle blooms between Burwell and herself. Her reflection calls as she turns away.

burwell who is the fairest in the forest

Tired of arguing with the mirror over who the fairest in the forest is, Burwell decides to beat the crap out of some boxes here.

boxing with burwell out of place

I know what you're thinking... What'd those boxes ever do to her?


The old-fashioned aesthetic in the video for "Out of Place" seems almost like a dream... Is that intentional?

It's a little dreamy, somewhat reflective... No pun intended.

As i've been sorting through moving boxes, it's brought up questions about my identity from the parents who raised me to my real name, but a lot of the details are kind of fuzzy, kind of like a dream. It's been mostly unintentional, but fitting. - Burwell

So clearly there's nothing random about her getting raw with those boxes.

burwell does angry kick boxing

They had it coming.

Time to Unwind...

burwell gets mad sometimes

After an angry bout of kick boxing, Burwell relaxes a bit, as does the song itself.

burwell vine chair music video

Swells settle into subdued harmony.

forest chair burwell out of place

Burwell settles into a chair with a letter.

burwell reads a letter

It's time to letter go... Get it? Like, letter as in "let her", and... Yeah, I know it's not very funny.

burwell seated in forest

There's something to be said of the last scene's subtlety...

burwell got a letter

Thoughts, unspoken, spill out, yet fall silent as the world quietly moves on.

Growth and change press forward, relentless, while a box of fragile memories waits forever to be emptied.

burwell box of memories

Do you plan on continuing in the same vein stylistically for the rest of your "New Songs from the Past" series?

Really good question... It's unlikely.

The songs i've kept hidden are a disparate blend of acoustic-folk songs, electronic-pop songs and a few songs that may leave all of us surprised, myself included ;) - Burwell

Going from melancholic ballad to electronic-pop would be surprising enough for most, but Burwell won't stop until our hearts explode.

burwell album art

Speaking of hearts...

It's fairly apparent a lot of heart went into "Out of Place" - both the song and its video are lovely.

It's all well-worth a watch and a listen (and a follow on Youtube wouldn't hurt), so do that now, ok?

Read about Burwell's soothing tune "The Beginning" next.


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