Burwell Gives Us "The Beginning" of Something Great

Odd Nugget Social

A lovely listen on letting go, Burwell Music's "The Beginning" breaks your heart to build it anew.

This song will snatch at your heartstrings, stoking them to enticing tonality.

Who could know?

What's never said... Aloud, in night's hush...

You yearn to show...

"Letting go of everything I know..."

"The Beginning" is sonic snowfall over airborne dreams, lofty with hope and lifting like feathers from free fall to clouds on high.

Plucked strings strafe between each other in echoing depth. Muffled kicks make themselves known like hearts shocked and spurred to beating.

Odd Nugge

A sense of vulnerability, overwhelming, overtakes the senses in this song. It's vulnerability of a timely sort - an nascent feeling born of two phases converging; where the heart hurts, it's mending. Where the wounds are fresh, they're closing.

Perhaps the strongest facet of "The Beginning" isn't its lyrical allegory, but its truth. Feeling lost can truly feel like the end. Feeling loved, even if only by yourself, can just as easily feel like a new beginning. Press play and you'll see.

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