Burdened by Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting"



A classic in the strictest sense, this song encapsulates both the era that was the 80's and the songwriting powerhouse Kate Bush's singular style.

A tale of woe told in tune, this song takes depth of meaning to new shores altogether.

I still dream of orgonon...

It's easy to gauge the sincerity of the child's perspective throughout the song, so expertly is it written.


Bush speaks with seemingly personal insight into the narrator's inner conflict. Her reverb-drenched voice echoes out beautifully over the mounting push-pull of violins.

I won't forget

How could we?

"Cloudbusting" is dramatic as it is brilliant. It seizes hold of your heart and doesn't let go.

Surreal and frightening in her childlike accuracy, Kate paints a glimmering picture in sound. A picture of youth and youthful mourning set to music.

Enjoy this masterpiece and bust some clouds!

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