Building New York's "Basilica Hudson"

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A building brought back to life...

An 1880's foundry forged railroad car wheels, wheeling 'round to glue creation and creating the foundation, in closing, for the birth of "Basilica Hudson" - a modern arts and performance space ranked among the most important of this era.

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An annual 'Basilica Soundscape' festival, yearly farmer and flea markets, film screenings and art exhibitions all find places on the Basilica's schedule. For its eclectic activities, it's been lauded as one of the best new venues in the industrial-chic space.


"[Basilica Hudson] was established in 2010 out of a 19th-century factory located near the city's "South Bay" riverfront along the Hudson River."

Established in 2010 after an interesting history of torch-passing from project to project, "Basilica Hudson" is currently run by Hole and Smashing Pumpkins member Melissa Auf der Maur and her Husband, filmmaker Tony Stone.


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