Brittany Leo Let's Us Know What It's Like to "Adore" Her Music

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Sincere singing meets artistic R&B beats in Brittany Leo's "Adore".

Brittany brings smooth vocals to a relaxing mix. Cool, calm, collected...

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You, yours, hers?
What could be worse... Than knowing the time, the place, the person,
But forgetting the words?

"When I call, put on hold..."

"Adore" hinges on Leo's unrequited emotions. Her heart spills for a lover lacking in love.

Brittany builds a soundspace that surrounds and envelops us. It's a big sound, but Leo's voice isn't lost in it all. Front and center, she sings, slow and solemn, her soul laid bare.

Elements in the mix move around each other, cutting patterns in its play-time. Soft synths trumpet at a distance and distant echoes haunt each snare snap as snapped-twig claps and clicks clutter an intricate percussive pattern. Pretty cool.

Polished and pure, this tune is smooth all the way through. Like a breath held long, at long last let out and lingering, "Adore" floats warmth over wind.

Winding down to this is as easy as listening. Put it on and press replay. See? Simple.

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