Brightviolet's "Chlorine" Will Electrify Your Mind

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Twitchy and glitchy with gilded tones, Brightviolet's new tune "Chlorine" carries limitless warmth on air to your ears.

Percussive madness overswept by mellifluous melody... This track is disjointed brilliance made audible.

Light lost to pieces.

Even the sun will seek where...

Fractal glow reaches.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

Brightviolet ignite your mind with "Chlorine," clattering and clanging across the sonic spectrum with stunning, star-aligned grace.

Drums trip and stutter in a buzzing, whirring, clicking conundrum of a beat. With perfect placement, a wealth of out there elements link up like a crazy case of auditory apophenia - patterns spawn from chaos insensate, forming sound as lovely as it is disorienting.


Close your eyes to this song and you'll see a pool of sounds, fracturing to infinity at the slightest touch. It's tough not to dive in; so, don't try to avoid it.

Just go ahead and press play if you're up for a brain-splosion of inexplicable sound. Don't worry, brain-splosions are addictive, not fatal.

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