Bridges Bridge the Gap With "Ghouls"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Indie pop with a touch of folk... This and much more holds the new track "Ghouls" by Bridges.

It's melodic, moving stuff.

A chance at a sighting...

It's mildly frightening, but that you can manage.

You're damp and perspiring. Eyes flirt your shoulders.

Cold as a gale, ghosts go through you and vanish.

"Pale, beggar-thin and blanket white..."

A dance in the moonlight, "Ghouls" gives goosebumps in the best of ways. Melody meets harmony, and heavy meaning marks the lyrics.

A tinge of Bent Knee sound seeps into the seams of this track, transforming verse-to-chorus transitions to full-fledged emotional transmutations as vocals fly high, chittering and cheery.


Emotions run high as well by the second chorus. Voice carries up above, kite-like, as guitars and keys blend to chiming wonder beneath. This song's progression sounds like fear fast-yielding to fascination. We've seen (or heard) a ghost.

Plucked strings glisten in snow and bass notes pop like corn over double-tapped drums, crashing and cascading at each chorus. Musical amazement...

Spirits or none, "Ghouls" goes to new heights in arresting the heart. This song is solid as it is sweet. It's a treat. Listen.

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