Breathless Packs "Forever" Into 3 Minutes


Odd Nugget Social-doneEffect-smothered vocals glaze a synth symphony in Breathless's "Forever" featuring Cadence XYZ.

Like listening to an experiment in mid-combustion, "Forever" feels foreign and fascinating.

"...Such a long time..."

To touch another world. Dimension...

To gauge another soul. Intention...

Ascension... You're both beaming. You're beamed up.

Love is your final frontier.


"I just wanna show you..."

There's so much that's surreal and alien to this track, it'll take you by surprise.

Outside of its standard EDM up and down dynamics from verse to chorus, "Forever" is undeniably unique. Breathless finds a sentimental balance in forcing a host of strange sounds to work together here, and the effect is phantasmagoric.

Cadence XYZ sounds like an otherworldly being, breathing notes in choral chaos as a synth howls its piece with portamento. The beat rattles in and out of earshot along with the bass, dropping us repeatedly to pick us back up again.

"Forever" is a must listen. It's incredibly surreal and oddly bewitching. Odd is kinda our thing... Have at it.

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