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The superb breakbeat music albums below are almost certain to blow you away! Press play on a few and enjoy...

Skeewiff - Greatest Wiffs

Skeewiff Greatest Wiffs song img

Celebrating 15 years of Wiff.>>OUT NOW>>"The album is a joyous blend of impeccable production, astonishing taste and the now rare ability to not take yourself too seriously. Hammond belters sit next to breakbeat country and western. Lounge classics merge with electro swing until you realise that this album really is sunshine on a disc. Many of the tracks are recognisable from TV and Film as Skeewiff have been the industry go-to guys for this style of music since the beginning of their career.>>The album has been remastered and in most cases remixed by the Skeewiff boys themselves to provide fans and newcomers to their sound an incredible listening experience." Jalapeno Records 2013>>BUY on CD>>Jalapeno shop - bit.ly1e0ZmZy>>Amazon - amzn.to1gyOH9t>>Juno - bit.ly1cO9FhT>>BUY Digital>>iTunes - bit.ly1gyqKle>>Juno - bit.ly1k5IeTf

Greatest Wiffs by Skeewiff

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SNKRX09 by Hooverian Blur

SNKRX09 by Hooverian Blur song img

Listen: soundcloud.comsneakersocialclubsetshooverian-blur-snkrx09>>Jason Warlock turned down an MBE from the Queen last year, which was awarded cos of his service to the rave. A torch holder of the continuum since '95 here he dons his current Hooverian Blur moniker reappearing on Sneaker with 2 Bleep-Tek twisted Originals - Square Jazz Sirens and an Old Gold (Monopolypella mix) which is backed by a Low End Activist refix.

SNKRX09 by Hooverian Blur

- Tokyo Tech Breakbeats 2 (full album) - NS Comfusion [1999 Japan Breakbeat]

00:00 - 05:01 01 Chari Chari - 2000 Nights Of Warriors

05:01 - 11:09 03 Indopepsychics - Proto-Tekh

11:09 - 15:51 04 Ebizoo - Flap

15:51 - 21:36 05 Izuru Utsumi - Gadgety Jazz

21:36 - 27:14 06 Hidenobu Ito - Dedicated To Ladies Porno Cartoonist And 80's Computer Game Music Composers

27:14 - 36:23 07 Dub Squad - I Feel Super

36:23 - 42:07 08 Fencing Mania - Setu

42:07 - 45:43 10 Miku - Year 2012

45:43 - 54:43 11 Sha'cho Mouse - Samurai

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Live at TechnoState 1994 Mixtape by R.A.W.

Live at TechnoState 1994 Mixtape by R.A.W. song img

R.A.W. LIVE AT TECHNOSTATE 1994!>>(((60 Minutes of hardcore, acid, jungle techno)))>> This is the remastered version direct from original recording>> Volume levels boosted and bass is boomin'>> Every order receives a Cassette Mixtape Digital Download Sticker

Live at TechnoState 1994 Mixtape by R.A.W.



El trance psicodelico, comunmente llamado psychedelic trance o psytrance es un genero de musica electronica caracterizado por arreglos de ritmo hipnoticos y complejas melodias de sintetizador y fuertes riffs de tiempo rapido. Se hizo popular por primera vez en 1995, cuando la prensa britanica se hizo eco del fenomeno del goa trance. Desde entonces el genero ha crecido mucho hasta ofrecer una gran variedad de sonoridades, tiempos y estilos. Algunos ejemplos incluyen full on, dark psytrance, progressive psytrance, uplifting psytrance y psychedelic tech trance.


Celeste Original Soundtrack by Lena Raine

Celeste Original Soundtrack by Lena Raine song img

Original soundtrack for the game Celeste by Maddy, Noel, Amora, Pedro, Lena, Kevin friends!>>Celeste is available on Steam, itch.io, Switch, PS4, and XBO!>>Also check out the B-Sides release here, featuring remixes by some of my favourite artists friends! radicaldreamland.bandcamp.comalbumceleste-b-sides

Celeste Original Soundtrack by Lena Raine

Rafael Crisci - Drum and Bass (Jungle)

Drum and Bass (Jungle) by Rafael Crisci song img

- Adam Freeland - Tectonics (2000) Full Album

Still my favorite Nu Skool Breaks compilation.

Track listing:

0:00:00 - Chronologic

0:07:09 - Pig Chase

0:11:27 - Tectonic

0:16:00 - Isokora

0:23:35 - Bangin

0:29:30 - Impulse Transmission

0:34:31 - Hip Hop Phenomenon

0:42:06 - Liposuction

0:47:00 - My Mind

0:53:23 - Stitch Up

0:57:47 - Freak Frequency

1:01:42 - Deep South

1:08:17 - Juvenile Delinquent

35bassmansaid: '0:00:00 - Chronologic>>0:07:09 - Pig Chase>>0:11:27 - Tectonic>>0:16:00 - Isokora>>0:23:35 - Bangin>>0:29:30 - Impulse Transmission>>0:34:31 - Hip Hop Phenomenon>>0:42:06 - Liposuction>>0:47:00 - My Mind>>0:53:23 - Stitch Up>>0:57:47 - Freak Frequency>>1:01:42 - Deep South>>1:08:17 - Juvenile Delinquent'>>Vilim Andrusz said: 'Still slaps like yesterday, fresh as ever.>>Hard to believe this will be 20 years old next year.'>>Sanjiv Basu said: '16 years on and still one of the best if not the best breaks compilation! good memories and it still brings a smile to my face (as well as dancing like a 40 year old lunatic in my kitchen)! Many thanks for the upload.'

Adam Freeland - Tectonics (2000) Full Album by

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