Brayden Sibbald Folds Up the Map and Makes Do With the "Compass"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Brayden Sibbald slips us softly from consciousness to a space in between two realities throughout his tune "Compass".

Like trip hop and Birds of Tokyo meeting at middle-ground, "Compass" sails on seas of abstraction with poetic lyrics paddling its oars.

Where to go and who to be?

You ask the air. The air answers back...


Odd Nugge-hecho

"Can you be my accomplice, maybe? Just 'til the Sun comes up."

Vocals as tears, emotions outpouring... Sibbald shares the depths of his desperation in this. Fears and doubts at committing to choices with unforeseen consequences underpin the entirety of "Compass".


Sawtooth synths bite at glitchy melodies, immaterial, as bells split above and drums drop below. It's the sound of empty space attempting to be full. Thoughts straying from the yellow brick road to broken bridges and back alleys...

Life can lead anyone astray. Choices run like a river, bubbling and crawling gently at the start, yet steepening and quickening with each stony turn. Brayden breaks the silence on helpless hopelessness, surrendering to the current.

For a dose of indescribable emotion, don't miss this. It's as easy as pressing play.

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