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All of these great real-time strategy video games below should keep you pretty busy for the next few hours... Or days.


Incursion video game Developed by Blake Gillman

Developed by Blake Gillman

Incursion is an indie FPS that aims for a unique wave survival experience with class-based combat for both co-op and singleplayer. Fight alongside strangers or friends and take advantage of unique team compositions, upgrade choices, and strategies to win in this solo-developed indie title.


Incursion brings a new twist on wave survival, heavily inspired by Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty. Utilize unique weapons, abilities, classes, and map knowledge in this intense shooter. Incursion is also primarily developed by one person, which means you know your feedback is going to be heard.



Game Features

Online Co-Op: Fight alongside strangers or friends. Unique team compositions, upgrade choices, and strategies can change how a game is played entirely!

Singleplayer: Why make The Republic spend money hiring more soldiers when you're all that's necessary to do the job? A true one man army!

Gameplay Mechanics

Unique Classes: Whether you prefer full-auto, explosions, sniping, or building there's something for you to do! When combined with others your team composition can completely change how you play the game.

Sub-Classes Loadouts: Not only does what class you choose matter, but so does your loadout! Every class has multiple different weapons or equipment you can start the battle with, and different combinations can play completely different.

In-Game Upgrades: You can upgrade your equipment mid-game to change its focus. That means using the same weapon you can tailor your upgrades toward offense, defense, or other play styles.

Is this game for you?

It's in my best interest to make sure you're happy with your purchase as I want to keep the reviews on this game as positive as possible.

So, are any of these deal breakers? If not, this game is perfect for you!

First person shooter

Reflex-based combat

Building defenses

Fighting waves of enemies on a map

2040 minute matches

Working toward alternative weapons

Classes that change what weapons you have

Est. 24 hours of gameplay


An alien civilization has launched a infectious virus on Earth in an event known as The Incursion. You're a member of the Republic Defense Force (RDF) whose day-to-day job is clearing infected from strategic locations or defending high value areas. Fight as your favorite class in this online wave-based zombie survival game!


Incursion video game Developed by Blake Gillman video screen

More about this game here.

Down the Hellevator (Demo Available!)

Down the Hellevator (Demo Available!) video game by SplendidDog

Made by SplendidDog

Tim has found himself in a precarious position, after an untimely demise, he's now constrained in the elevator of the afterlife plummeting endlessly downward! ...Well, maybe there's an end, but he'd have to survive it all first...

ABullet-Hell game fused with a roguelite, that's the name of the game! A jaunt that reaches 50 floors down, each slightly randomized and made totest your reaction time and your perseverance. There is Permadeath, so make each move very carefully. But do not fret! At various times in a run, you may encounter a shop where you can spend gems to unlock permanent upgrades to your health and other aspects of the game.This is my first attempt at a game in this genre, so it likely isn't perfect in the slightest, but, I hope it's fun!









Art Gameplay: Chase Middleton (SplendidDog)

Music: Raw Sounds Creation (RAW Sounds Creation)

Down the Hellevator (Demo Available!)

More about this game here.


CT video game Developed by IthonyGames and published by IthonyGames

Developed by IthonyGames and published by IthonyGames

CT is a Goofy Team-Strategy Multiplayer game where you play either as a cop trying to catch thieves or a thief trying to run away from the cops in the small town of Rundown Browntown.

2 teams in a western map. Fast paced games where the cops have to arrest all the thieves within 5 minutes.

Thieves can release each other within a small window of time after getting caught. Each player receives a random perk at the start of each round.

Invent new strategy each game with a multitude of insane perks!

The server list is always available so you can create your own games or join games of other players.

You can make your games public if you don't have any friends or private, to play with your imaginary friends!

"The best game" - Dante(not Dante)"This is goofy" - Daniel(Maybe Daniel)


CT video game Developed by IthonyGames and published by IthonyGames video screen

More about this game here.

Attack at Dawn: North Africa

Attack at Dawn: North Africa video game Developed by Panzer Division Games and published by Panzer Division Games

Developed by Panzer Division Games and published by Panzer Division Games

Attack at Dawn: North Africa is a strategy game set in WW2 North African theatre. You will take command of battalions, brigades, divisions, and air wings. German forces start off probing into the Libyan region of Cyrenaica, and the game concludes either with the complete defeat of the German-Italian Panzer Armee, or the British loss of Egypt and the British retreat across the Suez Canal.


You can play the game in either Real-Time or Turn-Based (WeGo) mode. These modes mimic the chaos and speed of mobile fighting in the desert. Add the fog of war to this scenario, and your experience of being in a Panzer Corps command vehicle is complete. The game will immerse you in one of the most intensive and nerve-wracking experiences of the Second World War.


The game features campaigns and scenarios - both historical and hypothetical. They have been designed after in-depth research of the historical orders of battle and battle histories. Special attention was given to the composition of the armies, combat values of individual units, and overall authenticity of each scenario.


We have designed all game maps and units to be easy to understand, uncluttered and informative. You can choose what your units will look like: top-view models or unit counters. With the ability to zoom out and see the entire battlefield in a glance, you will have the best possible situational awareness.


Attack at Dawn: North Africa features a large map, covering a distance of almost 2000 kilometers and you can use the Scenario Editor provided within the game to create your own scenarios anywhere on this large battleground. Starting at the bay of Sirte in Libya and spreading to Suez Canal in Egypt, the terrain varies between sea, desert, mountains, wadis, ports... There is one long asphalt road, "Via Balbia", spanning the whole length of the map, and a handful of well-known desert tracks leading towards the deep Sahara.

Attack at Dawn: North Africa

Attack at Dawn: North Africa video game Developed by Panzer Division Games and published by Panzer Division Games video screen

More about this game here.

Power The Grid

Power The Grid video game by ClaudioA

Made by ClaudioA

Level 3 available now for patrons (also on this page as a downloadable file)at:


Power the Grid is a real-time-strategy tycoon game that simulatesthe power grid. Control multiplepower-plants, manage resources and invest in renewable energies, all this while supplying the energy demand.

Chat with the developer and supporters atthis game on Patreon and enjoy:

Patreon exclusive game builds with more contenttechnologiesfeatures

The chance to vote on development choices

Future Steam or Crowdfund credits (equal to your support)

Patron exclusive development progress posts




I am self taught game developer and student of energy and environment.I have been developing this game that I dream about for the past 2 years, now it is ready to play!

With your support I'll able to dedicate full time to this project and expand my team so the game gets developed faster.

Power the Grid is a strategy game where you manage the electric grid by operating different power-plants, managing resources and investing in renewable sources.

Do you've got what it takes to be an energy manager?

Please leave your ratingfeedback below and help shape the development of this game!

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Danger Storm, Secrets of the Schoolyard.Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (Kevin MacLeod Website)

Power The Grid

More about this game here.

Dune Strider

Dune Strider video game Developed by Dust Bunnies and published by Breda University of Applied Sciences

Developed by Dust Bunnies and published by Breda University of Applied Sciences

Dune Strider is an Adventure-Strategy game where you as a merchant control a Sand-Barge to travel the desert in-between settlements to earn your profit. The world is populated with other merchants doing their own trading and raiders that will try to ambush your vehicle and attempt to destroy it. Engage with them in a strategy oriented combat where positioning and aiming will be your strength. Earn your profit, upgrade your ships combat abilities and become unstoppable!

FeaturesInteractive Settlements: Trading in markets for profit, upgrading your ship and abilities and taking quests. You are able to interact with these thriving settlements in the otherwise barren desertLiving Desert: Trading requires you to travel the mystic desert and brave its dangers. You will be ambushed by sand pirates on your travels. You will use your sand barge to travel these lands and hopefully thrive in this risky environmentPersonalized Sand Barge: With the gold you earn from quests and trading you will be able to personalize your sand barge. Choose your ability set to your liking and personalize your way to traverse the sands.Realtime Ship Combat: Ships will have several abilities to defend themselves from the dangers of the desert. You will use these abilities in a real-time battle. Use positioning and aiming to overcome the enemies.

Dune Strider

Dune Strider video game Developed by Dust Bunnies and published by Breda University of Applied Sciences video screen

More about this game here.


Stonkers video game Developed by Imagine and published by Pixel Games UK

Developed by Imagine and published by Pixel Games UK

Originally released in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum by British developers Imagine, Stonkers was one of the very first real-time strategy games. Now, relive those days in this remastered emulated version.


Face off in a skirmish between equal forces over varied terrain. Select a unit to view its statistics and issue move orders. Units will automatically engage when in range. Use supply units to supply your frontline units. New supplies will continually arrive via ship.

This enhanced version introduces a number of modern features to this retro classic, including:

Savingloading the game at any point

Support for most modern game controllers

Full control remapping

Image scaling and smoothing options


Stonkers video game Developed by Imagine and published by Pixel Games UK video screen

More about this game here.

Second Earth

Second Earth video game by Robbie Fraser

Made by Robbie Fraser

Very early prototype of a base-building game byFree Lives.

Congratulations! You have been chosen to start a new life on Proxima Centauri B. You will construct and manage a new resource extraction outpost under the gracious supervision of the Human Mothership. Productive service guarantees citizenship!

You will have to expand your economy and fortify your defences if you are to survive the huge numbers of the alien swarm. We wish you luck and productivity!


Second Earth

More about this game here.

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