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The smile you get from women walking through the park with your cute 2yo girl makes you think you got game, but really its all for the 2yo.

That said...

There are more cute fighting games now than ever before! If you're looking to score a great game, look no further than these picks...

Touhou Double Focus

Touhou Double Focus video game Developed by AQUASTYLE and published by AQUASTYLE

Developed by AQUASTYLE and published by AQUASTYLE


The Touhou derivative exploration action game Double Focus is now on Steam!

Control crow tengu journalist Aya Shameimaru and low-ranking patrol tengu Momiji Inubashiri and explore the world inside a book!

Explore the map to find hidden areas with skills and items that will serve Aya and Momiji well in battle.

Aim for 100 map coverage and item completion!

This game also includes more forgiving difficulty modes for people not used to playing action games.

Come explore the book world and find everything there is to find!


The setting: a world inside a picture book?!

Aya and Momiji get sucked into a youma book inside Suzunaan, which whisks them to a whole new world.

The youma book steals their powers, leaving them weakened, but they take Kosuzu's advice and set out to do some exploration under the guise of journalism.

What awaits them in this new world where the logic of Gensokyo doesn't apply?

This is an action-exploration game where you cover a giant map and seek out the mysteries of this new world!

Alternate your battles! Aya and Momiji, Double Players!

In this game, you can switch between controlling Aya and Momiji.

Aya specializes in long-range combat, as well as midair hovering and air dashes.

Momiji specializes in close-quarters combat, and she can run on walls and across long distances.

Make use of their specialties and pick the right person for each fight!

Some skills are shared between both characters, while others are unique to one character.

You can use these skills to break through walls, etc, and reach areas you couldn't get to before!

Gensokyo friends stuck in the other world

Aya and Momiji will find plenty of Gensokyo natives aside from themselves that got sucked into this alternate world.

Some of them need your help. Others will think you are behind the incident and attack you.

You'll need their help to get out of this world, so get their cooperation by any means necessary.

Some of them will even support you in battle!

Cover all ground and get every item!

This game's map isn't just big; it's also full of hidden areas.

Some of them have skills and items that will greatly help Aya and Momiji in battle. If you think there's more to an area than meets the eye, explore it and see what you can find.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Reporters are masters of legwork. Put in that legwork and get 100 completion for map coverage and item collection!



This game lets you save your progress by talking to a statue of Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu in your base. You will get sent back to your last save when you die, so be sure to save often.

Quitting the game

Select Quit from the title screen to quit the game.

When playing, you can bring up the settings menu and choose Return to Title to go back to the title screen.

Keyboard controls


Cursor up: W

Cursor down: S

Cursor left: A

Cursor right: D

Confirm: K

Cancel: L

TalkOptions: I

Tab Left: Q

Tab Right: E


Menu: 1

Mini-map: 2

Snapshot Archive: 3

Settings: 4

Skip Movie: ESC


Run left: A

Run right: D

Flap wingswall run: W

Crouch: S

Jump: K


Skill 1: J

Skill 2: I

Skill 3: L

Swap character: V

Stepguard: O

Swap skillset left: Q

Swap skillset right: E


Go to Settings on the title screen menu, then Keyboard Inputs, where you can reassign each key.

Note: The only button you can reassign in Controller Inputs is the confirm button. Everything else is locked to default.

Environment-Dependence Settings

The game does not start

Depending on the driver you are using, an error may occur at the first startup.

In this case, you may be able to solve it by following instructions below.

1. ""LIBRARY"" > Right-click the ""Touhou Double Focus"" and select ""Properties""

2. Click the ""LOCAL FILES"" tab > ""Browse""

3. Right-click ""DoubleFocusHD.exe"" and select ""Properties""

4. Open the ""Compatibility"" tab, check ""Disable fullscreen optimizations"", then click ""OK"" to save

The gamepad is not recognized

Settings may be required depending on the gamepad you are using.

1. Start Steam and open ""Settings""

2. Open ""GENERAL CONTROLLER SETTINGS"" from the ""Controller"" tab

3. Make settings according to the gamepad used

Touhou Double Focus

Touhou Double Focus video game Developed by AQUASTYLE and published by AQUASTYLE video screen

More about this game here.

More Like This


Flatmates video game by tio

Made by tio

You have 90 seconds to defeat your flatmate in a sneaky way, by using what you find around the apartment.

No melee, no fighting... Just EVIL TRAPS!

Play with your friend in a local multiplayer mode 1 vs 1


Player 1: WASD for movement. F for action.

Player 2: Arrow keys for movement. Spacebar for action.

You can also play with X-BOX controllers (but it crashes on Firefox).


Bring the garbage bag inside your flatmate's room to make him a timed damage!

Throw bananas and oil on the flooor to make him slip!

Turn on the tv to hypnotize him!

Have a shower to heal yourself!

Throw the hair dryer inside the shower to give him an electric shock!

Use the sink from the other toilette to freeze the player on the shower!

Turn on fire from the fireplace or from the stove to burn your opponent!


Stefano Fadda

Roberta Scano

Francesco Laddomada

Davide Melis

This game was made during the Global Game Jam 2019 in Cagliari, Italy. We kept working on it during our free time to make it more polished and balanced.

Music from

Sounds from


More about this game here.


Milo video game Developed by Polykite LLC and published by Polykite LLC

Developed by Polykite LLC and published by Polykite LLC


Join Milo and friends in this 4 player co-op adventure as they venture through time and space. Transform into colossal beasts, use copy abilities to adapt to enemy terrains. Unlock new friends and characters in story mode, which you can then use in mini-games. Play co-op with up to four online friends or local players in story mode, or go against them in various challenges in battle mode.


Local co-op with up to 4 players

Four characters to choose from at the start, each with their own unique set of abilities

Use character transformations, to increase speed and power during gameplay

Characters can parry attacks, charge for super attacks and copy enemy abilities

Use the environment and interactive objects to defeat enemies in unique ways

Travel through different time periods on different worlds

Collect coins to purchase in-game content

Unlock achievements and discover hidden items throughout the game


Milo video game Developed by Polykite LLC and published by Polykite LLC video screen

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Kakatte Koi Yo!

Kakatte Koi Yo! video game Developed by BackSlash Games and published by BackSlash Games

Developed by BackSlash Games and published by BackSlash Games


Kakatte Koi Yo! is a platform fighter where cats battle with powerful fish. With the use of Japanese theming and the irresistible adorableness of cats, KKY creates a fun, fast-paced, competitive co-op game. Players can fight in 1v1 or 2v2 matches where they have three ways to win the round!


Instantly win the round by blowing your opponent's shrine to smithereens with the bomb. Cats are small, and the bomb is big and heavy, don't forget to grab a fish before trying to move it!


Dunk, snipe, and swish your favorite fish into your basket to earn a point, getting you one step closer to sweet victory.


If you are less of a strategist and more of a fighter, forget the other objectives and take your opponent head-on. Drain your opponent's health to ring them out and gain a point. (If you get to the point cap from ring outs and scored fish, you win!)


Test and hone your skills in the single-player training mode where you compete against the clock to earn the golden koi.

Kakatte Koi Yo!

Kakatte Koi Yo! video game Developed by BackSlash Games and published by BackSlash Games video screen

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Maiden Spell (Demo)

Maiden  Spell (Demo) video game by mino_dev

Made by mino_dev

Young maidens seek adventure...

Maiden Spell is a bullet hell battle game currently in development for PC!

Compete in local 1v1 bullet hellfights with your friends, or seek the truth of the Kingdom of Stars in the single-player Story Mode!

Features: Cute characters! Dazzling danmaku! High difficulty! Local multiplayer! A fabulous soundtrack by the talented STEELPLUS!日本語もありますよ

Website Press Kit Tumblr Devblog Mailing List Discordart, programming, design by minodevmusic by steelplussfx by yichenand sinocmade with Gamemaker Studio 2---------------This a free demo! The full game is planned to release late 2019.This game is still in development. If you encounter any weird issues, or have any opinions on the game, hop into Discord andlet me know,or just leave a comment below!

Maiden Spell (Demo)

More about this game here.

Naau: The Lost Eye

Naau: The Lost Eye video game Developed by Studio Gamebit and published by Studio Gamebit

Developed by Studio Gamebit and published by Studio Gamebit

Game Description:

Naau : The Lost Eye is an adventure and exploration oriented VR puzzle game. There is a heavy focus on physics-based puzzles and environment interactions. Naau: The Lost Eye is developed from the ground up for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Immerse yourself in the mystic world of Naau and explore the strange tale of The Lost Eye. Explore new worlds and dimensions, all while interacting with it's plethora of monsters and magical beasts! GameBit Studios creates the most immersive VR experience possible with it's independent developers and designers. Created as an exclusive VR experience."

Cool Features:

Choose Your Own Weapon:

Choose how you fight! Pick from a variety of weapons - both ranged and melee - to suit your fighting style. As you adventure, you can even learn to utilize magical items to your advantage in combat. Engage your enemies in many ways, including gravity, environmental objects, and straight up grabbing your enemies barehanded!"

Weapons and Defenses:

Utilize fireballs, gravitational powers, boomerangs, magical stones, floral guns, environmental objects, and even your bare hands to defend yourself from the many enemies in your way."


Battle against wizards, obsidian Golems, Woldham giant tree, little creatures, Giant flowers , Spider flowers , (i.e. poisonous flowers, bats, bugs), and much more."

Unique locomotion system:

We Offer innovative vr comforts for motion sickness for some players. You can switch teleportation while in game what is comfort for you. There are 3 options Teleport , Free locomotion and Dash teleportation. The choice is yours."


Realistic VR object , characters and environment interaction. You can grab and throw characters and objects around you or punch enemies."

Naau: The Lost Eye

Naau: The Lost Eye video game Developed by Studio Gamebit and published by Studio Gamebit video screen

More about this game here.

Destroy the Dummies

Destroy the Dummies video game Developed by Nathan Montgomery and published by Nathan Montgomery

Developed by Nathan Montgomery and published by Nathan Montgomery

Destroy the Dummies is a simple yet difficult, third person, action, arcade style, series of challenges, with an interesting dark plot twist mid-game. In Destroy the Dummies, you the player, are tasked with destroying a variety of enemy types in an homage to the games of the early days of 3D graphics. Are you tough enough to overcome every challenge?

Numerous difficult challenges will test your fortitude.

Progression system, gain experience with every dummy you destroy, and upgrade your character!

Variety of enemy types to smash.

Collect various power ups to boost your abilities.

Discover the dark scary secret....

It has been a long journey, but after a year of hard work, I am proud to announce the completion of Destroy the Dummies, my first project as a solo developer. I am super excited for your feedback, be sure to leave a review! And thank you so much for your support, I hope you enjoy!

Nathan Montgomery

Destroy the Dummies

Destroy the Dummies video game Developed by Nathan Montgomery and published by Nathan Montgomery video screen

More about this game here.


Magiduel video game by William Anderson

Made by William Anderson


Journey across space on an epic adventure orhone your skills to battle your friends toe-to-toe in this bullet hell battle game. Each character has their own strange form of magic, unlock them all and explore novel styles of gameplay, characters backstories, breedable monsters and more..

8 unlockable fighters, each with a unique battle style

43 Levels in story mode (and more to come)

CollectableBreedable Mascots to help you on your journey

Player vs NPC and PvP modes available

Multiple control schemes (for 2-player on one keyboard)

Access to your gameplay stats

Early Access

Magiduel is still in development, and there are lots of great features planned ahead.

Upcoming features I hope to work on

Mascot Games

More adventures

More playable characters

More Mascots

Your purchase of the game supports its continued development.

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is the main narrative of Magiduel, where you will make new friends, unlock new characters, discover mascots and more. Experience 2 Epics full of adventure levels, and more to come in future updates.

Adventure mode is a mashup of platformer and dueling bullet hell. Jump and run your way through levels, and if you bump into an enemy its showdown time!


After you have experienced some adventures, you will meet Bilibili and unlock the first mascot sanctuary. Here you can bond with mascots, and feed them items you have collected in adventure mode. Mascots at a certain point will be able to transform into even more powerful versions of themselves.

Each mascot has its own powerup abilities that it gives to the player if you equip them, making adventure mode even more fun. You can even breed mascots to unlock rare forms with greater power!

Mascot also have a long list of stats! While these aren't immediately used in the Beta, they will come into play in future updates.


Versus mode exists as well. Get your friends together, plug in some USB NES controllers and duel it out to see who has the greatest mastery of magic!


William Anderson -Game Design, Game Art Code - Laborie- Music SFX - available Yi "Cindy" Lee- Promo Art Skai Design -


More about this game here.

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