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Having a kid is the worlds hardest and longest choose your own adventure game...

And you don't even really get to choose anything.

On a loosely related note...

Adventure games like these have a lot going for them. In fact, one of them could be your next all-time fave!

The Source

The Source by SkrDoesStuff

Made by SkrDoesStuff

Headphones recommended!

OST(pretty crappy lol) -

SkrDoesStuff · FirstOST

About the game...

You are one of the few crawler bots who got trapped in a facility due to an electromagnetic shockwave generated from the core of the Earth which caused all the electric devices of the facility to become non-functional. However, you were smart, or rather quick enough to lock yourself in a pre-tin plated steel room which deflected the waves. Using the only power source remaining and your wits, help yourself as well as other bots to escape the facility while surviving numerous death-inclined traps laid around in over 6 levels. Well.....Good luck! Oh and also, do not try to even step outside the power range, or get rekt lol.

TheSource was made within 4 days for the Artic Game Jam hosted by  Superberserkduck and  artempro112! You can check out the game jam page here: https://itch.io/jam/arctic-game-jam-new-year


Over 6 mind-bending levels to keep you engaged for a long time.

Interactive tutorials to get a better understanding of the game.

Around 30 minutes of gameplay.

Frequent checkpoints so that you don't lose tons of progress and rage-quit.

handmade pixel art and music.

And so much more to discover if you play!


A]-[D] :  move

Space] : jump

E] :   pickup/drop

F]:   switch controlled unit

Ctrl] :  control all units

R]:    restart from checkpoint

Programs Used...

Game Engine: Unity3D

Graphics: Aseprite

Music: FL Studio

Sound Effects: Bfxr and Audacity

Hope you enjoy it! :D

Did you manage to retrieve all the bots? Make sure to show it in the comment section!

If you face any bugs, glitches, or unusual stuff during the playthrough, feel free to report it in the comment section below or in my Discord Server.

The Source

More about this game here.

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Leftovers by Realmpact

Made by Realmpact

Your mum is cooking dinner. Saddened by the amount of leftover and not wanting it to go to waste, she tasked you the job to give it all away to your neighbours.

You, who was just minding your own business watching cartoons. You who your mum have told many times to not talk to strangers. But yet, you have no right to deny the request.

Armed with limited skills of communication, meet all the quirky and creepy neighbours to finish the task before your mum finish you first...literally.

Created for SCREAM JAM 2021 by:

Realmpact - Programmer

Skekarin - Artist, Writer and Games Designer


The WebGL version of the game is meant for users who are not using a Windows machine. For the best experience, we would recommend downloading the Windows version instead.


Help! I cannot show the leftovers!

Press Q during the prompt to show leftovers to continue the conversation as if you showed it.


More about this game here.

I need to pee

I need to pee by PhiloDev

Made by PhiloDev

You wake up in the middle of the night and you need to pee.

But maybe you shouldn't leave your bed.

Made in 24 hours for Halloween 2021 :)Tileset by: Asset Bakery

I need to pee

More about this game here.

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