Boulevarde Confess "I Needed You"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Boulevarde's debut track "I Needed You" slows the heartbeat, aligns the mind and dulls the day to the pace of your pulse. Kick back...

This track goes BIG. Tranquil verse drops heavy into robust rhythm and smashes flat under a bursting beat. You'll lose yourself.

"...The way you are..."

Split in two. The cell of your union breaks away to halves.

Odd Nugget ial-done

Staring out a train window, you feel the distance expand.

A heavy heart gives in to your greatest fear. A tear slips onto carpet and melts away.

"Time gets tough on your mind..."

Right out the gate "I Needed You" hits us with dramatic, emotional piano a-la Hans Zimmer's "Time."

Dance drops shed the unnecessary and boost the essential, but the best of them are essential to the song.

Here, the chorus drop takes the show. Livewire energy, world-quaking kicks and sounds from the vastness of space make it (and you) move.

On the whole, "I Needed You" sounds the way a sleepy city looks... Sharp, bright and full.

Any true electronic dance music fan will dig this, but pop lovers ought not be left out. Have a listen and enjoy.

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