Boston Dynamics' "BigDog" with Big Legs

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Boston Dynamics, specialists in the creation of uncanny moving robots, produced the word's "most ambitious" legged robot back in 2005. It's name was BigDog.

BigDog was meant for big things... Like, carrying smaller things over difficult terrain for soldiers. "Silly," you say? Not according to DARPA.

DARPA sponsored BigDog's development, only to be dissapointed in its unseemly noisiness; a no-no on the battlefield. BigDog could carry up to 340 pounds at 4 miles per hour over rough terrain. Too bad you could hear it coming from 4 miles away...

Powered by a 9,000 RPM go-kart engine, BigDog's legs spring to action with the help of hydraulic leg actuators and a QNX-based operating system. BigDog remains the world's first advanced rough-terrain robot with legs. Long, long legs...

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