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Check out all of these awesome real-time strategy games by indie game studios and indie game developers. There are some real gems in the mix!

Nano Organism

Nano Organism video game Developed by Zimaell and published by ZimaellGame

Developed by Zimaell and published by ZimaellGame

Nano Organism - is a real-time strategy game, you control nano cells to control the entire organism, lots of puzzles, dynamic progression, lots of research, achievements, free choice of development direction and progression.

Your arsenal will include both standard cells and creator cells, temporary cells and many modifications.

Various bonuses giving positive effects, as well as a lot of viruses giving negative effects.

655 rooms, a lot of research, different levels of difficulty, variety of rooms, different types of opponents.

Embark on a fascinating journey through the body, explore every inch, destroy all the enemies and get all the control over the body.

Nano Organism

Nano Organism video game Developed by Zimaell and published by ZimaellGame video screen

More about this game here.

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Tiny Pixel Wars

Tiny Pixel Wars video game by PixelPaladin

Made by PixelPaladin

This game was written for the 5th SyntaxBomb Code a Game Competition.

Tiny Pixel Wars is a small real-time strategy game with fast gameplay.

Defend your headquarter capture houses, barracks, factories and airports build an army overrun the enemy!

Tiny Pixel Wars

More about this game here.

Ninja Blast

Ninja Blast video game Developed by Armando Rodrigues and published by ArsolidGames

Developed by Armando Rodrigues and published by ArsolidGames

Ninja Blast is an interactive ninja experience with action, adventure and strategy elements, tells the story of two ninjas who emerge on a battlefield between the ninjas and the tyrannical empire of Fireon, seeing their country taken over and devastated by the empire, these two ninjas unite for bloody revenge.

Ninja Blast features two possible game modes, one more action-oriented and the other focused on stealth, choose your approach and evolve your methods as you face new challenges and become the most feared and powerful ninja.Ninja Blast is full of intense battles against powerful enemies encountered during the journey of the two ninjas, you will have to use all your skill and resource to face these formidable enemies.Follow the exciting story of the characters of Ninja Blast, with great narrative focus, this game has a plot full of non-interactive scenes and dialogues between characters.Acquire Costumes, Weapons and Skills to help you in the battle against the empire and improve your experience in Ninja Blast, every mission has its reward based on your performance and new items are unlocked during the campaign.The game that emerged in 2017 as one of Armando Rodrigues' first projects returns after dozens of criticisms with a reworked look and improved systems with a high amount of dialogue and cutscenes, going against the standard of independent games, follow and change the story of the Ninja in this game.

Ninja Blast

Ninja Blast video game Developed by Armando Rodrigues and published by ArsolidGames video screen

More about this game here.

Tennis Manager 2022

Tennis Manager 2022 video game Developed by Rebound CG and published by Rebound CG

Developed by Rebound CG and published by Rebound CG

Put on the suit of a tennis coach and manager of a tennis academy. Immerse yourself in the most realistic tennis simulation, both on and off the court. Beat the odds and take control!

Game description

From the junior circuit to the professional circuit, access over 2,000 tournaments. Among the 5,000 players present, find the talents that will lead your academy to glory.

Financial stability, contract negotiation, structural investments... Be clever in your management, reach your short and long term goals, and impress your board of directors.

Surround yourself with the best staff (coaches, technical, physical, tactical and mental trainers, etc.) and design the training program that best suits your players' abilities, their expectations and your style!

Perfect your speech in press conferences and show your board of directors, as well as your players, that you are the right manwoman for the job.

Thanks to the 3D engine, immerse yourself in the heart of the match and coach your player in real time! Are you more of a serve and volley player or a baseline filer? Exuberant or totally passive? Take control, impose your style and guide your player to the top.

Key features presentation

The 2nd opus of the saga is here, with something new.


Design your own player! Overpowered serve bot or inexhaustible marathoner? Extreme lifter or old school flat player? You can choose his style and shape him to lead your academy to titles and glory!


Immerse yourself in the real life of an academy manager with a new infrastructure system that brings even more realism to your various investment decisions. You want clay court specialists? Then provide your structure with ochre training courts. You are not satisfied with the performance of your scouts? Then invest in your study center and boost their evaluation speed. You are the manager, you choose!


To win the Finals at the end of the season, you will have to go through the new group phase and hope to make the semi-finals. 2 groups of 4 players, the best 8 in the Race. This format is also used for the Next Gen Finals (under 21) and the Juniors Finals. Be sure to keep your scores high, as the title can be decided by a small difference!


Optimize your team management with new tools that are a must-have for any self-respecting manager! At a glance, you can now find all your team's key information (schedule for the week, next tournament, current form, status of commercial contracts, etc.), match history, detailed results, earnings per tournament or even the complete record of each player, and... new recruitment reports! What else?


Negotiate with talent and skill the different contracts that will punctuate the life of your academy. Contracts and sporting objectives of players, agreements with equipment suppliers... The negotiation system has been reworked to reflect the reality of the business world. The agent of the academy becomes an essential actor to help you build your empire.


One click to import Rafa's winning tactics against Roger in 2009, one click to export and become the star of the TM community.


Take a seat on the court and vibrate with your player thanks to the improvement of the most realistic 3D simulation of the circuit. Improved AI, new behaviors (replacements, effects used, shot selection) and new animations (moves and moving shots). Closer to the court, more real, more emotional!

Tennis Manager 2022

Tennis Manager 2022 video game Developed by Rebound CG and published by Rebound CG video screen

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Starcraft but I only had 3(2) hours

Starcraft but I only had 3(2) hours video game by adriendittrick

Made by adriendittrick

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I tried making Starcraft but I only had 3 hours. This improved version effectively took 5 hours to make (3 hours to reach a state with only terrans, 2 hours to add the other races and do a bunch of testing)

Update 1.1:

Added protoss

Added zerg

Improved enemy AI

How to play:

Left click: select unit (you can also hold down left click to draw a rectangle and select multiple units)

Right click: move towards positionset building waypoint

Build a healthy mix of your 2 unit types to win. Build only workers and the AI will rush you, build only soldiers and your economy will suffer.

GMS2 source code is available to download

Starcraft but I only had 3(2) hours

More about this game here.


Dofense video game Developed by Blue Math and published by Blue Math

Developed by Blue Math and published by Blue Math

Dofense is a Tower Defense RTS focused on the variety of strategies and maps.

Dynamic Terrain

The map is not static. Enemy can dig through the weak rock and change the map drastically by creating shortcuts. On the other hand, you can drill obstacle tiles to change the map to your advantage too. The dynamic terrain opens new opportunities for interesting strategies.

Distinct towers

Every tower has a unique advantage. Shock can only damage Shield, Laser can only damage health. Gun can damage both. Pyro can damage health, even with shield intact. Area damage towers are effective against dense crowds; while the Gun engages enemies one at a time. In the tight single lanes, use Spike and Glitch traps without blocking the path. You can craft unique strategies to win a given map.

More than just the Towers

Look out for these helpful gadgets. The Train and the Grinder can get rid of a huge chunk of the enemy, if you build the maze to take advantage of it. The Core Mint offers an opportunity for a gameplay where you start with a tight budget, but with careful moves build your energy output gradually towards victory.

Quirky Bosses

Healing Lips that offer Kisses of health to the enemies. A Constipated Eye that spoils towers at random. A Restless hand that can't make up its mind about destroying towers. The Haunted Tree with guardian ghosts. These surreal bosses add a new flavor to the gameplay.


The campaign has a central track that introduces you to different game mechanics one at a time. It branches into 11 missions in which you get to play interesting maps with high crystal count. Crystals are the currency to encode your strategy. The goal of the campaign is to offer a variety of strategies and not to grind you for XP.

Level editor with Workshop support

In addition to the carefully designed campaign, you can make and play your own levels. You can do this in the built-in level editor. It's the same editor that was used to design the campaign levels, so you have access to every game mechanic. It is also integrated with the Steam workshop, so you have access to the community designed maps too.


Dofense video game Developed by Blue Math and published by Blue Math video screen

More about this game here.


Stadtleben video game Developed by Florian and published by Florian

Developed by Florian and published by Florian

Stadtleben is a relaxing and strategic city building game where you gradually build a big city using square tiles. With city life, you can always take a strategic break from everyday of life. At the same time, this game offers the opportunity to improve the highscore by skillfully placing the components.

At the beginning of Stadtleben you get a number of random city tiles depending on the difficulty level. One after the other, place these components on a free square field with a custom rotation. This creates and grows a big city, here you get points for high-rise elements due to the degree of difficulty and the height of the element.

After a certain number of moves, a random natural disaster occurs at the skyscrapers, this process repeats itself with a random number of moves. These natural disasters tear down the high-rise elements that are not protected from the high-rise elements above. The game ends when the number of components is used up.

As time goes by, you can view the night sky with the help of the solar system, which you can activate or deactivate in the settings. You can also change the background color, the cell shading and the current time for the solar system in the settings.

Included in Stadtleben:Building an endless cityMix of strategy and puzzle elementsRelaxing city building gameCustom solar systemCustom background colorStrategic placement to improve your own highscoreEach game round is uniqueCell-Shading3D-GameboardNot included in Stadtleben:Real-time tactical gameTradingRessourcemanagementStruggle ViolenceMultiplayerStadtleben is beeing developed by myself, i am a student from Bavaria.I appreciate any feedback, any message to improve this game and I will try to fix any bugserrors that occur in this game andor have been reported by you. :)


Stadtleben video game Developed by Florian and published by Florian video screen

More about this game here.

Node Conquest

Node Conquest video game by Apagon

Made by Apagon

Be the last kingdom standingor keep more territory by the end of the match.

Left click to select one or multiple nodes.

Right click on a nodeto move units from selected nodes.

Send units to an empty node to build a campSend 50 units on a camp to build a fortress.Send 100 units on a fort to upgrade it to a stronghold.Background music:"Sosten" by Megupets"To Them! SCC"bySnabisch"Prepare for War" byTrevor LentzSFX from "The Essential Retro Video Game Sound Effects Collection" bySubspaceAudio

Node Conquest

More about this game here.

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