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Life is one giant MMORPG game.

Considering that...

Mmorpg games can offer up a lot of fun and these indie picks are pretty affordable too! See for yourself...

拯救小美Save The Girl

拯救小美Save The Girl video game Developed by Hopeless Donkey and published by Hopeless Donkey

Developed by Hopeless Donkey and published by Hopeless Donkey

Set in a world without hope, where there is nothing but decay and decay, The girl will influence the world's future and past. As players, we watch over Mei until she meets her destiny

In the game, players need to grow stronger, learn more skills to deal with powerful enemies in the old world, and cultivate peers for more support. Enemies can be challenging, but you're not alone

3D view, keyboard control movement, mouse control view, horror action games

Character development system, where players can Upgrade at the character's abilities as the game progresses

A challenging combat system where players must stay alert and complete tasks with the few resources available

Multiple story endings are available, and players can reach different stories based on the choices they make

Foundry equipment system will be added in the future

The game is divided into several chapters,i've finished the first chapter so far,because I'm the only one making the game,i need money to sustain my life,so i had to advance the sale,just buy the first episode to get all the subsequent episodes for free

拯救小美Save The Girl

拯救小美Save The Girl video game Developed by Hopeless Donkey and published by Hopeless Donkey video screen

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Ion Jetta

Ion Jetta video game by Monoulous Software

Made by Monoulous Software


Welcome to the first MMORPG of it's kind.

Chat history and player activity recorded for others to see, even offline.

Join us.

are guaranteed to drop after every battle.

Infinite procedurally generating planetary systems.

More than 30 unique party members to add to your ranks.

Say goodbye to large save files, hours of your progress is condensed into an easy to remember 4-digit password.

Prepare your loadout at any time.

such a unique battle system I've never seen it done before i love it!"

user erans

lounge about in one of many battle lobbies.

Unique offline MMORPG experience, users' chat preserved for years to come.

Plethora of rewards, gatcha without breaking your bank, no microtransactions. Ever.

Oh, 'ey there, I'm Jetta. My occupation? I'm a freelance bounty hunter. I usually hit small targets, run of the mill space pests here and there. After work I take my check and I'm home free. I've got food waiting for me on my stovetop, today won't be anything different, will it? Pff, I'm just overthinking again..."


Welcome to the edge ofTannah 25, the outskirts of a decently bustling neotropolis. Pests and other extra terrestrial vermin are on their way to the city, take em' out in a blend of first person dungeon crawling, and experiencing unique never-before-seenpuzzle RPG combat mechanics across a randomly generated overworld.

Please note, this is in a late alpha stage. You will encounter a bug, if you find any, make a report on our discord server. Reporters will be rewarded with exclusive content.

Discord Link:Features

50 unique party members to aid you on your quest to end your day shift.

Additional combat tiles to spice up each enemy encounter.


More options to ease and streamline your experience.

A much better endgame.

100 enemies to encounter, making every run even more diverse.

Seasonal automated offline updates based on your computer's calendar.

Time of day, dependent on your computer's clock.

Minigames and side activities, such as a farm sim

more customization

Multiplayer data is taken solely from our discord server, not from the game itself, as it is offline at all times, and we ourselves collect no data from your computer directly, we respect our users privacy.

Ion Jetta

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荣耀斗罗 video game Developed by BIFROST CLOUD PTE. LTD. and published by BIFROST CLOUD PTE. LTD.

Developed by BIFROST CLOUD PTE. LTD. and published by BIFROST CLOUD PTE. LTD.

荣耀斗罗 video game Developed by BIFROST CLOUD PTE. LTD. and published by BIFROST CLOUD PTE. LTD. video screen

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Kingdoms Conquer 攻城天下

Kingdoms Conquer  攻城天下 video game Developed by 攻城天下 and published by 攻城天下

Developed by 攻城天下 and published by 攻城天下

This is a Massive National Battles Card Strategy Game whose main features are real-time battle, construct the capital, and the experience of accomplishment by boosting the country and defeating countless enemies.

National war is coming! Troops muster

Focusing on real-time strategy national war battles, the complete map is divided into states and counties, which truly restores the war scenes of kingdoms fighting for supremacy and Winner takes all.

To win the national war, the commanders need to spy on the enemy's military intelligence, cultivate capable warriors, reasonably match the lineup, make prudent plans that can wipe out the enemy troops when attacking, and also can defend the cities and important strongholds while under attack.

On the battlefield, soldiers must keep advancing while comrades are falling down, the speed of the siege is accelerated, the war pace is breathtaking. The victor can claim the crown and numerous reputation; defeater will face countless damage and difficulties to rise again. Blood spilled, only for the honor of the battle, for the unification of the world!

Fair Ladies in Distress, Waiting for You to Rescue

In a world of chaos and gun-smoke, countless fair ladies are lost and in desperation; commoners have no one to rely on, and the country is in decline and forced to be displaced, now is the time to step up. Unlock the harem line, you can choose the dedicated and committed route, or you can play polygamous and have a huge harem. But there are so many beauties, some are cold and noble, some are charming and enchanting, some are lovely and vulnerable. ...... you will need to use different methods to win their affection. Write a chapter of beautiful romance in war years together, deepen the relationship, and there are more affairs waiting for you to discover.

Strategic Warrior Profession Restraint

There are five types of warriors in this game: Spear-wielder(restricts the Rider), Shield-holder(restricts the Spear-wielder), Rider(restricts the Shield-holder), Archer and Advisor can restrict each other and it adopts the Star chart skills: the Polis, the Alkaid, Dubhe and Polaris, which can divide the unique attribute skills of each warrior, such as Burning, Stunning, freezing and imprison. In this way, you can match different lineups, depending only on how you choose your warriors. After you have recruited and raised your troops, you will be able to bring out the strongest battle power and train your own bold army.

Diplomatic Siege and Domestic Reign

This game adopts realistic maps and uses county sections to show the land of cities and counties. Every time you conquered a city, you will not only be able to "scavenge" tons of gold, food, and military supplies, but also be able to increase your rank and titles.

The domestic affairs of the country and the state are a good example of the emperor's ruling strategy. If go with the conservative governance, you can resist foreign invasion, be self-sufficient and your people live and work in peace and contentment; If go with aggressive expansion, you can continue to conquer the surrounding cities, expand your territory, force messengers to pay tribute, and prosper the whole country. Whether to go with conservative or aggressive strategy, it depends entirely on your philosophy of governance!

Kingdoms Conquer 攻城天下

Kingdoms Conquer  攻城天下 video game Developed by 攻城天下 and published by 攻城天下 video screen

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Leafling Online

Leafling Online video game by Aesthetic

Made by Aesthetic

Leafling Online is a free to play MORPG and passion project that aims to create a fun, nostalgic, gameplay experience, as well as a dedicated and friendly community.

Choose from over 20 classes and team up with friends to delve into dangerous dungeons, fight powerful bosses, or even challenge each other in PvP. Or perhaps you'd rather be a craftsman, creating and trading gear to grow your riches and influence? The choice is yours.

Participate in ranked seasons where your performance is graded and rewards are given based on your accomplishments.

Leafling Online

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Darkzone: Idle RPG

Darkzone: Idle RPG video game Developed by Capitanos and published by Capitanos

Developed by Capitanos and published by Capitanos

Darkzone is a multiplayer idle RPG with a deep gear and loot system, constant progression, co-op boss raids, and an amazing community. Relax, idle, and level up, and also find deeper RPG mechanics than your average idle game. Perfect to have in the background while working, studying, watching Netflix, or while playing something else.Your adventure as an intergalactic bounty hunter is about to begin...Join Ka Nuun and his newly formed crime faction, NEMESIS, in an epic quest for vengeance!MAIN FEATURES Cross-platform Multiplayer Idle RPG Exciting loot and gear system Tactical turn-based combat Auto and Auto-2x modes for idle combat Live co-op boss fights Collectible pets, weapons, and charms Incremental and continuous progression Guilds and Seasons Trade gear and resources with other players Deep itemization and gear crafting Story and campaign AFK Progress Skins and cosmetics No energy system Absolutely no adsSTORY-DRIVEN PROGRESSAn epic adventure with constant progression and bounties, quests, and areas to explore, all while still having a central storyline and cutscenes which expand on the Darkzones story.EPIC CO-OP BOSS FIGHTSForm alliances with other bounty hunters and invite them to join you in real-time multiplayer co-op battles.EXCITING LOOT SYSTEMBuild your bounty hunters with awesome gear via a loot system inspired by hack n slash PC classics like Diablo, Destiny, Torchlight, and Path of Exile. You cant buy Chests or Gear, and forget about an energy system. Darkzone is all about slaying monsters, farming loot, and improving your gear to design that stat-perfect build.DEEP ITEMIZATIONBUILDSFill your inventory and stash with Rare, Epic, and LEGENDARY biomech implants with sockets, mods, and sets to be built. Every build in the game is unique with thousands of potential build combinations, and make sure you can collect all of the Unique Legendaries in the game!RARE WEAPONS, CHARMS, PETSSlay powerful enemies and jump into co-op boss raids with other players to collect all of the weapons, charms, and pets available in the Darkzone! When you find the ideal weapon, pet, or charm for your build, level it up to get stronger!FAST-PACED AUTO BATTLESTeleport in and out of combat with ease and run a quick raid or mission in a battle system carefully designed for busy gamers. Emerge from the shadow and show what true bounty hunting legends are made of.CUSTOMIZABLE PLAY STYLESBuild your bounty hunters to your exact liking. You can tank, go DPS, or go for a bruiser build...all depending on your gear, mods, pets, and charms.AFK IDLE PROGRESSHire raiders and smugglers to work for you and earn loot while you are AFK. Theyll have materials, gear and resources waiting for you when you get back.PLAYER-TO-PLAYER TRADINGUse the live chat to find other bounty hunters looking to trade in real-time or asynchronously. Send and receive offers, and counter them when you dont think the deal is quite right.CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOOKEarn and purchase outfits, weapon skins, and avatars for your bounty hunters, and don't miss out on limited edition event cosmetics.UNIQUE 2D ART STYLEDarkzone is hand-drawn from the ground up. Beautiful 2D models and bone-based animations with a unique art style that combines comic, cartoon, and realism. There are enough games that have the exact same art style. We wanted to break the mold.CONSTANT CONTENT UPDATESAn active, indie, development team with unique ideas coming hot through the pipeline. Much, much more coming soon in future updates.NOTE: Darkzone is brought to you by an indie team. The game is still in early access, but were working around the clock. If you find a bug, or issue, report it and well sort it out as quickly as possible.

Darkzone: Idle RPG

Darkzone: Idle RPG video game Developed by Capitanos and published by Capitanos video screen

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盖世豪侠 video game Developed by 深圳市青豆网络科技有限公司 and published by BIFROST CLOUD PTE. LTD.

Developed by 深圳市青豆网络科技有限公司 and published by BIFROST CLOUD PTE. LTD.

盖世豪侠 video game Developed by 深圳市青豆网络科技有限公司 and published by BIFROST CLOUD PTE. LTD. video screen

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