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Landing in the NES Top Gun game is harder than most modern video games in their entirety.


Does the perfect gun fighting game actually exist? Hell if i know, but these picks look great...

AGRYOS: Recovering Eden

AGRYOS: Recovering Eden video game Developed by SMU Guildhall and published by SMU Guildhall

Developed by SMU Guildhall and published by SMU Guildhall

AGRYOS: Recovering Eden is a third-person shooter with elements of a bullet hell where you play as Neziha, an adventurer fighting to recover the Branch of Eden from a failed space colony. Destroy hordes of robots with Nezihas versatile arm cannon as you blast through this fallen AI-created society.

The story takes place in the AGRYOS Facility on the planet Axenum, a once thriving AI civilization dedicated to creating a new home for humanity. Although Axenum failed its directive, its resources are still functionalespecially its powerful agricultural starter, the so-called Branch of Eden. Your mission is to get it back!

Versatile Weapons

Choose between 3 distinct guns to destroy the once-dormant robots defending the Branch from outsiders. With various weapons such as the Disruptor, Carbine, and Scattershot, decide how you want to tactfully eliminate the threats as you use Nezihas highly mobile thrusters to dash and leap around the massive AGRYOS Facility.

About the Team

AGRYOS: Recovering Eden was made by graduate students at SMU Guildhall as their Capstone project over the course of five months. The game was designed and produced by a diverse group representing a variety of cultures, nationalities, genders, and sexual identities.


Single-player experience: Kill hordes of dormant robots, dodging energy bullets

Multi-use arm cannon: Choose between the Disruptor, Carbine, and Scattershot

High mobility: Dash and double jump around the expansive rooms of the AGRYOS Facility

AGRYOS: Recovering Eden

AGRYOS: Recovering Eden video game Developed by SMU Guildhall and published by SMU Guildhall video screen

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WANTED Pistoleros (Quest 12)

WANTED Pistoleros (Quest 12) video game by GtoG

Made by GtoG

Welcome to the West!!! The locals are counting on you to clean up the town from the Scorpion gang...

Be quick and precise because the members of this horde are not into the business of joking...

Practice your speed and accuracy on the training ground before moving on to the old-fashioned gun duels in the middle of the town.

You'll have the choice to earn more bullets, more slow motion or even play a mini game to raise your life points... This willhelp you take down these scum and especially their leader the Scorpion.

4 levels of difficulty

16 opponents to pass

A duel map

A training map

An ability to slow down time, earn an extra bullet or more life points

Your call to choose, and stay alive.

If you want to be a part of the Game, here is theKickStarter project page:https:www.kickstarter.comprojectswantedpistoleroswanted-pistoleros-vr-meta-...

WANTED Pistoleros (Quest 12)

More about this game here.

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope video game Developed by Bachosoft Studios and published by Bachosoft Studios

Developed by Bachosoft Studios and published by Bachosoft Studios

Survive the zombie apocalypse by yourself or with your friends in this low poly post apocalyptic world. Survive, build your base and fight the zombies. But beware, you aren't the only one trying to survive. There are other survivors in procedurally generated bases that will shoot you on sight!

Important Notice

This game was a learning project. It is a result of a game developer learning how to make games, therefore the price is FREE.

Polycalypse is an unfinished game and is not being worked on anymore, but I decided to publish it anyways as a thank you for all the support throughout the years. Enjoy!


There's a lot of stuff to do besides surviving in the apocalyptic world, if you are good enough, you can make your life after the apocalypse even better than the one before it. Are you up to the challenge?

That's right, you are able to tear limbs from zombies just by shooting at them or smacking them with a melee weapon, but that's not enough, they will keep coming at you until you destroy their brain. Once again, with a melee weapon or a shot to the head.

When they lose their legs, they will start crawling and lose a lot of their movement speed, and if you take their arms as well, you can hold them as a pet, but they will definitely bite!

Since democracy and negotiation doesn't work on zombies, there's many weapons in Polycalypse.

Ranging from simple melee and ranged weapons to heavy mounted machineguns and traps like landmines, spikes and bear traps. Oh yeah, and there's a KATANA!

He might look cute but when you realize that his diet consists of zombie and human flesh, you might change your mind. Keep your trusty companion well fed to gain "Trust" and he will listen to your commands such as attacking enemies, looking for loot etc..

If you don't like dogs (come on), you can leave him in the base without losing anything but his trust.

There's a lot of disabled and broken vehicles in the apocalypse, but you can scrap whatever is good and assemble one fully functioning vehicle, or two.

You are able to manually install some vehicle parts which allows you to replace, repair or upgrade your vehicles. You can put a racecar engine inside a combine harvester if that's your thing.

Some parts that you can manually change are: engine, wheels, car battery, headlight bulbs..

Axes and chainsaws have another purpose besides cutting zombies into pieces, they can also cut wood into pieces, literally!

You gather wood by first cutting down a tree, then you need to cut it into logs, or in smaller pieces if necessary.

Wood is used for building as well as cooking and... setting fires. You can set fires inside procedurally generated enemy bases if you are stealthy enough!

You can build bases piece by piece if you have the required materials to do so. Every built object is destructible, doesn't matter if it's built by a player or an AI survivor.

You need to take care about making your building solid and stable because pieces can fall down if they don't have enough support!

You are able to craft DIY items such as Molotov cocktails, arrows, flaming arrows etc. by using the workshop table.

You can also upgrade your weapons by installing variety of attachments like scopes, grips, compensators, lasers, flashlights, and for super sneaky missions, silencers.

What is the point of surviving if there's no other good survivors? Team up with your friends and show those zeds that the fight is still not over!

We currently support CO-OP multiplayer mode.

These guys do not like the idea of negotiation either, they will shoot you on sight!

Enemy survivors live in their procedurally generated bases that are filled with loot. If you manage to beat them one way or another, you are free to take whatever you want from their stockpile!

You don't have to be stronger to beat them, you only need to be smarter, you can lead hordes of zombies on their location and watch the battle unfold.

After being killed with their brain intact, these survivors will turn into ZOMBIES! That's right, you never know if you are safe around these so make sure you confirm your kills!

Since the power was gone after the apocalypse, the only way of powering your electronic devices is by using generators.

Generators use fuel to generate power, and they are very loud... and zombies are attracted by sound so be careful!

You can use power to light up your base, activate some decoys and traps, recharge car batteries etc.

Electricity is still an unfinished feature, and is not available in the game.

Game modes

There are 3 planned game modes for Polycalypse: Last bit of hope:

Arcade mode (Not implemented yet)

Sandbox mode

Story mode (Not implemented yet)

Arcade mode test your fighting capabilities where you survive endless waves of zombies, each one harder than the previous one. But don't be discouraged, harder waves will give you better rewards after completing them. You can buy airdrops, information about enemy camp locations besides all the weapons and items that the store is filled with. Build a base, stock up on ammunition and give them hell! How long will you survive?

Sandbox mode, on the other side, tests your survival capabilities where it sets you in a world full of zombies and loot and lets you survive on your own or with the help of your friends. Thanks to the random events, both good and bad, your survival capabilities will be pushed to the max. Will you be able to withstand managing your basic needs while dealing with the apocalypse and greedy survivors, or will you turn into another victim of the virus?

Story mode will tell you a short story about the protagonist and his dog. After all the events of the virus, the world we know was lost, people that we knew were not the same, everything has changed. Just as the protagonist loses all his hope for humanity, he hears a voice from another survivor through the radio: "Scavenger One, you went radio silent, did you manage to get the gas?". He realizes that this radio is connected to a larger group of people which gives him last bit of hope for finding survivors..

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope video game Developed by Bachosoft Studios and published by Bachosoft Studios video screen

More about this game here.

Legendary Boxing Belt

Legendary Boxing Belt video game Developed by Divine Blacksmith and published by Divine Blacksmith

Developed by Divine Blacksmith and published by Divine Blacksmith

Physics based combat will allow you to block or counter your opponents attacks. Aim properly to not hit the enemy while guarded.You will combat many opponents form four different races such as elfs, humans, orcs and demons. All of them with their own unique style and abilities, some of which bend the laws of nature. The old man will tell you everything about the world.Dwarven machines will help you prepare for battle. Clever and sometimes dangerous contraptions will help you train every muscle in your body.Every race has their own unique arena with boxers to fight against. You need to conquer them all in order to obtain the Legendary Boxing Belt.

Legendary Boxing Belt

Legendary Boxing Belt video game Developed by Divine Blacksmith and published by Divine Blacksmith video screen

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Selfie Shooter

Selfie Shooter video game by Teagher Studio

Made by Teagher Studio



Enter a selfie shooting contest and win by.. killing your opponent ?!

Selfie Shooter is a "versus" game where two players on segwaysfight each other with selfie-stick-mounted-guns. Obviously, as it is a selfie-stick, the gun points at its wielder. So, try to drive the segway around the arena and make a beautiful - deadly - selfie with your opponent !

To spice things up, customizeyour game by choosing a victory condition, a camera mode and a variety of modifiers.

Game Modes :

Classic : Be the first to reach the score limit.

Time Attack : Score as much as you can before the end of the timer.

Camera Modes :

Overview : Have a 3rd person hovering camera to see the arena from above.

Selfie : Classic split screen, with each the camera placed on the guns ! The true selfie-shooter-way.

Modifiers :

Ultra Violent : Only one bullet to kill.

Reverse : Well... make the gun look away from the player. No more selfies.

ExtremeSpeed : Self explanatory.

Low Gravity : Self explanatory.

Really) Long Sticks : Not kidding, these selfie sticks are really big.

Turn Based : You read right. Yup, Turn by turn versus action.


CUSTOMIZED ! - The controls are chosen in-game with the menu. Play however you want. 2 players on a keyboard ? Let's go ! 2 controllers ?Let's go too ! A mix of the two ? Of course you can !


Thomas Lebrun (Raivk): Code 3D Art Audio UI VFX

Lea Pequignot (Silveria): 3D Art Artistic Direction


Selfie Shooter

More about this game here.


CRAZY CAGE video game Developed by Jamoly Co and published by Jamoly Co

Developed by Jamoly Co and published by Jamoly Co


Only the hardest fighters survive... or the best flappers and floppers.

Each hit, bullet, or explosion you take raises your percentage.

The higher your percentage the harder you get hit.

The only rule in the cage is DON'T TOUCH IT!

Arm yourself with whatever weapons you can find and smack the ever-living crap out of anyone that dares come near you.

New! Hold the fire button to pull your arms back and charge your melee attacks for even more damage!

Why not practice your golf swing while you're at it? FORE!

Gifs are from an early alpha build which has since been updated to be much more vibrant and colorful.

Or DUAL-WIELD two shotguns and obliterate your foes

Just be careful of whats behind you, that knock-back can be brutal.

So brutal in fact you can use it to your advantage to wildly fly around and take your mobility to the next level.

Don't like the layout of the arena? No problem. There's few problems land mines and an RPG can't fix.

And because we at Jamoly Co are committed to providing you with the most accurate physics simulation we understand no sim would be complete without being able to wildly flap melee weapons to gloriously fly through the sky.

FEATURES:CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTERCustomize each part of your ragdoll separately: the shape and color of your head, ears, body, outfit, eyes, and tail. Also includes a thicc optionLEVEL UP COMPLETE CHALLENGESLevel up complete challenges to unlock all extras like character outfits!AWESOME MELEE WEAPONSBats, boxing gloves, golf clubs, flyswatters, hockey sticks and moreSUPER FUN GUNSAll shoot bullets at least the size of a dodgeball.. or watermelon. Shotguns, snipers, machine guns, rifles and moreEPIC EXPLOSIVESRpgs, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, land mines, exploding bats exploding boxing gloves!ENHANCE YOUR PLAY WITH POWERUPSCollect Boosts, Health, Ammo, Shield, Gold Coins even scorestreak powerups to take your game to the next levelAIM BIG WITH SCORESTREAKSRack up enough score without dying and activate streak rewards such as Health Reset, Unlimited Boost or Ammo, Sentry Guns, Rolling Thunder air to land explosives, harrier jets, even aim bot style homing projectiles!RISK YOUR HEALTH ON A GAMBLEGamble your health score on weapon scorestreak wheels for a chance at getting a better weapon! Gold Coin powerups help reduce the riskHUGE GUN KNOCKBACKThe huge knockback gives you tons of mobility and flight power, just be careful!MELEE WEAPON WINGSUse your melee weapons as wings and take to the skies. Requires timing your arm flaps correctly, also different melee weapons are more useful than others for flight. Flyswatter - great upwards lift, Boxing gloves - not so great liftFRYING PAN POWERReflect projectiles - even rockets!Dynamic moving and destructible arenas4 player split screen 8 player online matchesAI BOTSPlay against AI for practice or single playerCUSTOMIZABLE UI SIZEIn case you want it bigger or to get out of your way!DRIVEN BY PHYSICSHits will do variable amounts of damage based on how hard you were actually able to hit them and what their multiplier is. Get a moving start and throw your whole body into it just like real life for maximum damage. Get a melee hit while boosting for double damage!A TRANSPARENT PERCENTAGE SYSTEMA player that gets hit at 0 will take hit forces multiplied by 1x, at 50 hit forces to this player are multiplied by 1.5x, at 100 hit forces are multiplied by 2x and so on.A PASSIONATE DEVThis is being made through passion and a love for gaming so community feedback is very important. There is a huge amount of potential this base game can provide and it will be supported with continuing new cool features as often as possible. A big goal is to get this to a point where workshop support can be added so the community can help too.


CRAZY CAGE video game Developed by Jamoly Co and published by Jamoly Co video screen

More about this game here.

Samurai Gunn 2

Samurai Gunn 2 video game Developed by Beau Blyth

Developed by Beau Blyth


Dont blink! SG2 is a super fast online party fighter easy to pick up but hard to master. With just 3 bullets and sword at hand, experience the og thrill of one-hit Versus.


Run up walls, turn invisible, even shoot bombs with an updating cast of Samurai Friends. Is that Spelunky, Minit, and Among Us ??


Will you find all the secrets alone or with the help of friends? Take on challenging levels and carve your own path in the new co-op Adventure mode.


Learn the epic backstory of the infamous Gunn City in Trigger Soul, a new graphic novel by Valentin Seiche.

Directed by Beau Blyth, creator of Samurai Gunn and co-creator of Hyper Light Drifter VERSUS MODE - Local Online! 19 VS Stages playable so far. UNIQUE ABILITIES! - Every character is unique! 10 playable samurai so far. FRIENDS! - The Crewmate, Minit, and Ana from Spelunky 2?! Yes! All have unique abilities straight from their original games. ADVENTURE MODE - Local Online! Play solo or invite friends. Currently 2 of 4 worlds playable. COMIC - Read Trigger Soul, a 200 page Samurai Gunn graphic novel by acclaimed French artist Valentin Seiche. Launching with Chapter 1 of 6. FUNN MODE - This setting tones down the violence and removes the blood for a family-friendly experience. SOUNDTRACK by DOSEONE - This game has so much music packed in it. FEEL the rhythm in your blood! A WHOLE NEW LOOK - Boasting the freshest art and animation from veteran Nelson Boles--Welcome the newest character in Samurai Gunn 2:The Crewmate from Among Us!ID card attacks, trash projectiles, and even vents!As a Crewmate, you complete tasks from suspicious DNA Terminals.Submit enough samples and you start to feel funny

Samurai Gunn 2

Samurai Gunn 2 video game Developed by Beau Blyth video screen

More about this game here.

counter strike

counter strike video game by rida28

Made by rida28

play games for free an gun games for every o ne

counter strike

More about this game here.

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