Bora York's "Dry Land" is Sonic Cumulus With an Aura of Love

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Awe-inspiring ambient tones with a tuft of indie rock to drift on... "Dry Land" is life as experienced from lofty heights.

Like breeze through the trees on a star-lit night, this song whispers as it breathes, whistling and whisking you away.

Just awoken from it...

Off and on, you sleep. Too deep to dream...

Closing eyes, you wake up from it.


"Got carried away, buried alive in your love..."

Warm, tingling vocals reach out in an open embrace throughout Bora York's "Dry Land". Mmmming and cooing in between windy, whispered words dripping heart-drenching melody.

Bass hums under nimble voices, choral, as echoes overtake. "Dry Land" submerges the senses, teasing us to uproar, but barely raising its voice. Voices swell and ascend with restrained excitement at each chorus, then condense and fall to ground level once more.


A lot of love lingers in the atmosphere throughout this tune. Subtle zephyrs of anguish and hope haunt its periphery, as evocative as they are refreshing. It's the sound of eyes catching eyes, the glint and gleam of them in candle light, the dangling words, the trailing momentum of a moment, a moment in which troubled past fades away and uncertain future flies off until dawn. It's the dawn of something new.

This is dream pop at its lushest. "Dry Land" absorbs space in every direction, dropping you in the middle of the magnificent aftermath. Listen and relax.

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