Bombs Away Build Us Up in "Let You Down"


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Snappy beats bump into punctuated vocals in Bombs Away's new single "Let You Down."

EDM pop kept square... This one's clean-cut and sharp on the chorus.

Just right for dancing. Just right to bounce to.

"My heart isn't beating the same."

A car in the countryside. A flare of the solar kind.

An amber ocean waves at your passing - light soaking a million leaves.

No destination. The tank is full. The road ahead bends and blurs in Summer heat.

You look at each other, separated by a rush of air, and bend with the road. Out of sight.

"I'm hoping that we can make it."

The vocals carry a Michael Jackson tinge; cut short with aggressive restraint. They top the rebounding beat nicely.

Verse to chorus, everything feels solid in "Let You Down." It's big and full all over.


The melodic rhythm makes it for me. Piano keys press the progression, then jump down to bass at the chorus - keeping that rhythm alive. Nice.

You'll like this one if you're all in on the pop EDM scene. If you're not, try it anyway!

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