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Olive Garden is really missing the boat by not making their slogan 'Explore The Pastabilities'.

On a loosely related note...

Boat stories as strange as the ones covered here are enough to keep you on edge!

My friends and I decided to spend the weekend fishing on a boat.

What is that beautiful voice singing to us?

Posted on Reddit by celerysoup39.

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Three days dive training, one hour by boat, two minutes to prep and ten minutes to the wreck.

Fifteen minutes captured by an undercurrent, two seconds to drop my light, five minutes caught in coral to come to terms with one short hour until my air runs out.

Posted on Reddit by Appropriate_Day2144.

Intelligent extraterrestrials are visiting us. Now imagine we advanced enough to visit other civilisations

We can now pretty confidently say we are being monitored by something beyond our current understanding its quite clear that the technology we are seeing in our skies does not belong to any groupmilitarycountry on Earth, therefore we are lead to the possibility that these are extraterrestrial beings studyingmonitoring us The crafts seen by pilotsairforce from almost every country on Earth seem to display intelligence and react accordingly to pilots manoeuvres even show ability to have intel on the pilots missions (nimitz encounter).

Now imagine that we humans advanced to a point of having the ability to also travel to other planets with civilisations of their own

Lets firstly take a look at the North Sentinel Island analogy to help this digest: North Sentinel Island is an Island that is owned by India but inhabited by tribes people who have absolutely no contact to the outside world because it is prohibited by India. Previous visitors to the island by outsiders have mostly ended badly, causing the restriction on travelling to the island.

The people of the island may wonder, where are the others?, but because they are so cut off from the rest of the world, they wouldnt even be able to perceive that they are owned by a much more powerful advanced civilisation, which is actually the case.

If there was anything of interest there, humans would quickly take over the island take what we desire, but we have enough land to not be interested in their island so it is left be protected by the Indian government.

If the North Sentinels ever became advanced enough to travel by boat start visiting other civilisations off their island, they would of course be brought up to speed with international laws be given their own restrictions on what they can do with their new technology.

Now lets apply this to our own situation we have with these visiting UAPs. I think we can all agree that there is most likely not one single species of extraterrestrial who can blip through space given the shear size of the universe if we are the north sentinels, then these other intelligent species visiting us represent other countries.

I believe a civilisation intelligent enough to advance to being able to cross spacetime without blowing themselves up first through war conflict would be a peaceful, well organised extremely stable civilisation to achieve this would require strict authority, organisation and cooperation with each other and any other civilisations advanced enough to cross their path.

It would make sense that us humans of Earth being a far lesser advanced civilisation who have just began technological advancement would certainly be an interest point of any civilisation with the capability of visiting us they would want to monitor and protect us, just like how India protects the North Sentinels.

Therefore, ifwhen we gain the ability to blink through space and visitfind other civilisations, we would be briefed and hopefully welcomed into a galactic federation in place to protect life forms we would probably certainly not be allowed to just land on another planet and announce ourselves.

There is most likely a scale of advancement to measure how advanced a planet is and depending on the measurement, certain restrictions would be in place. For example, as cameras are invented (most likely a universal piece of technology for any advancing civilisation), landings flying over populated areas would be restricted.

All of this is just speculation on my behalf but its certainly thought provoking to think about.

Posted on Reddit by GinoMontana.

She was crossing the channel in her kayak when nature revealed that distant fog can appear around her and the boat just as suddenly as the start of a rain shower.

Her thoughts of sharing this insight with her paddle friends on Reddit were interrupted by the steady drone of an approaching lobster boat.

Posted on Reddit by PoorInCT.

My date took me on a cruise on his fancy glass-bottomed boat.

I didn't know what was scarier, the bloated hands pressed against the glass from below, or their warnings as they pointed to my date.

Posted on Reddit by SkittishReflections.

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