Blinded by Collegians' "Black Mass"



Four-piece Melbourne export "Collegians" dole out darkness in their energetic single, "Black Mass."

Anarchic anthem for a dystopian, nocturnal society, "Black Mass" breathes life into dark industrial music.

It's Garbage's "Cherry Lips" on speed; spaced out in a blitzed back alley; manic, gloomy and satisfyingly frustrating.

Believe in not much at all...

A live wire zaps us into motion, animates us. Brings to mind a dismal futuristic cityscape. Movingly dreary, this song would pump out of speakers on every street corner - anthemic and low-key threatening. Compliance would hardly be optional.

Collegians 2_preview-done

Drums pound a wonky 4-on-the-floor rhythm throughout. Zombified idolaters march through the dilapidated doors of their temple.

A sermon is in session.

An angry, pulsating bass breathes down your spine - humming menacingly underfoot. Deep, dark, misanthropic synths collude with an agonizing singer. Empty space swallows reverberating drums and spits back rhythm. A thrill, a ceremony...

Midway through, the tension yields momentarily to a stunningly melodic break. The vocals echo hope for escape, a sight of sky through the smog. My favorite moment in the track; the minimalist melodic coupling between vocals and brooding bass is perfect. This brief vision eroded, we plunge back into darkness and the end of the song.

It's a black mass that we're part of...

"Black Mass" is a beautiful blend of the electronic and the analogue.

Etchings of Marilyn Manson influence color the lyrics and the singer, Glen Patrick's inflection. His raspy, harsh yet knowingly restrained singing elevates a well thought out track to new levels and the atmosphere benefits immensely.

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