Black Diamond Wireless Headphones Are a Perfect, Molded Fit

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These epic earbuds are basically a perfect fit, thanks to a simple custom molding process.

Pop the thermo-fit earpieces in warm water and press them in place. Boom, bang out the bass and they'll still stay in place.

With no wires and a completely comfortable fit, these fully-featured bluetooth earbuds won't disappoint.


"The first DIY custom molded truly wireless earphones that easily form to the exact shape of your ears."

These earphones go above and beyond a brilliant fit and bluetooth, though.

These bad boys are IPX7 waterproof and outfitted with controllable digital audio passthrough capacities, so you can hear the fish you're swimming with or tune them out if you so please. Tap control makes it all a cinch.

As for battery life, these babies can crank out a full 5 hours of continuous playback between charges. Too cool.


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