Big Sound from Big Lunch - Artist Interviews #11


Ben and Chelsea are "Big Lunch," a heavy-hitting power duo from Nashville.

Like the "White Stripes," these two deal in Rock; however, their sound is decidedly more powerful overall, with clear grunge undertones.

Their tracks demonstrate a wide melodic breadth and unique blend of influences; the resultant sound both rough and sublime.

Songs like "The Lake" oscillate from muted guitar crunch to an impressive, spectrum-spanning wail, reinforced by driving beats.

Others, like "Medium Song," play around with tempo and rhythm to awesome effect.

They even explore unplugged terrain with crisp strumming and droning vocals in their song, "Drag."

Below, you'll find Chelsea's and Ben's answers to our interview questions regarding their music and influences.

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What single word would you describe your music with? Why?

Powerful. Many tracks display our power in different ways.

We have up-beat and energetic tracks along with more delicate songs on the album.

Within all the different dynamics, the sense of power behind our sound is constant.

Are there any bands you draw a lot of influence from?

Bands that influence us the most are among Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and My Morning Jacket.

Are you interested in performing in any particular venue? Why?

Bonnaroo! We have each attended the festival on multiple occasions reaching as far back as 2010.

We have seen a number of incredible shows there.

It's certainly a special place for us.

How long does it take you to put a song together?

That really depends, but I would say most don't take long at all.

A lot come together within a week and a few have even reached completion within a day.

However there are still songs that have been in the works for months, but we still can't seem to find a way for them to come together... yet!

What is the most important song you've written so far?

Drag, the final track on our upcoming album, is easily the most important track we have written.

It was the first song Ben ever wrote and gave him the mindset and confidence to be a song writer.

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