Bemused by Begowatts' "Grande Charade"



The Begowatts show us their shoegazing side in this easy-going, fast-flowing jam.

Their dynamic feel is refreshing in a sea of heavier hitting rock and forgetful folk.

Overtly retro, but not obnoxiously so, their new album pushes post-punk style with restrained elegance.

"Grande Charade," in particular, smacks of harmonious grunge tinged with Velvet Underground and Oasis influence.

"People come and people go..."

Guitar strings ping and pong at our sides - calling and responding to each other over no-nonsense drumming.

It's that sort of sweet underwater tone that entrances; awash in glittery reverb.


Bass is basic in this one; all the better for meshing the guitars together.

The singer sounds like Kevin Martin of Candlebox and the song's vibe is much the same as that band's music; mellow, raw and cohesive throughout.

He mentions war and "crying for more" as the key tenses up over a new beat.

A solo screams and squeals at the forefront - wailing off in the distance like a dying deity.

An engine revs at our ears, ready to go or about to blow? Who knows?

Close your eyes and listen for yourself!

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