BECCA Shines Bright in "Green Glow"


Odd Nugget Social-done

BECCA brings us along to chill-ville in her fresh new tune "Green Glow".

Kicks like hammered anvils, bass boom like a drowned earthquake and vocals soft as smoke... This track's a great many things, but mostly just great.

"...Deep within your soul."

Your blue muse glows green on an empty street. The light outlines her silhouette.

You screech to a halt as the green goes red. She doesn't flinch.

Your car is off. Your seat is back. You're not sure you're awake. She sure is.


"...Attached to everything about you."

Warbling, bass-heavy groove ensorcells and enthralls the senses in "Green GLow".

Not least, each lapsing chorus reels you in further - testing the boundaries of the beat with daring drops, then snatching you up again.

Snappy, plucky keys pierce mid-spectrum space just beneath the vocals in the mix and its amazing. It can be odd working keys into a song like this without overpowering everything else, but these keys are key to a perfect, hazy, retro feel. Like a record on loop.

Just like a record on loop, "Green Glow" burns out with a faltering, recurring stretch of song - slowing to a standstill under one last soaring sung note. Up and away...

For groovy pop satisfaction, you can hardly do better than this one. Give it a listen and enjoy.

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