BECCA Bends Sound to Her "Desire"


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Minimal, nearly a capella musing melts over a tastefully sparse soundscape in BECCA's latest release, "Desire".

"Desire" will leave you wanting more...

"You are my desire."

A boiling, rippling sheet of azure fades into distance. Your boat's afloat.

Room for one, holding two. The two of you are drifting.

No ship or vessel could possibly... But, this one does.

It carries you off to sunset serenity. Over a sea of energy...


"...You think you know it all..."

Cold keys and sweet, breathy singing makes BECCA's "Desire" blue fire. Hot to the touch, it's as chill as it is a thrill to listen to.

Lounge R&B hits at house, house blossoms with vocal virtuosity... BECCA's burning up in this song, holding her own in calm, quiet space. Her voice echoes and dissolves as amorphic rhythm reinvents itself over again.

Sounds seep in and out of "Desire" in soulful waves. It's the ebb of emotion that pulls you along with the song's mellow dynamics. It opens into a high tide of house near the end, before collapsing in love-stricken exhaustion. Amazing.

"Desire" is a banger in every sense of the term and a treat to hear. Here, hear it for yourself.

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