Beautifully Beaten by Historian's "Thrown on the Road"

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Melancholy as its mainstay, "Thrown on the Road" beckons us into stony, unforgiving wilderness.

An emotional vignette a-la Yawning Man's "Stony Lonesome," Historian's thoughtful single loses itself in tentative tonality.

LA-based string ensemble, Quarteto Fantastico's sumptuous strings spill over a wide soundscape - preceding a contemplative singer.

He's lost in this place - stating "I'm going somewhere, but I don't hear a tone," in the chorus.

Anguished, might he have meant "atone...?"

Historian photo by Anna Maria Lopez-12_result

The chorus croons, desirous and echoing over an empty expanse of shimmering sand.

Even without watching the video, the depth is palpable and perceptible.

Reverberations recede to the edge of our perception - yielding to shamanistic drum beats and crunchy crystal shards of tambourine.

In the song's waning chorus, violins join in to soften the sound.

We wonder at where we'll arrive as this languid listen comes to rest.

A single sentence answers, "let me hear you again."

Check out this smooth, awesome track by Historian in the video below!

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