BAYNK and Martin Luke Brown "Shatter" the Dance Floor with This Track

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

BAYNK's fresh "Someone's II" EP release yields a slew of sonic stunners, not least of the bunch being his collab with Martin Luke Brown called "Shatter".

Bright and lush with bass-driven bombast, this track shatters sadness with a hammer of hope.

Smothered in light...

Don't blink. Blank slate...

Fresh starts are alright.

Odd Nugget Socia-hecho

"In the end, everything's better than what you had planned..."

BAYNK and Martin Luke Brown find a very special spectral space in "Shatter," smoothing over a day's edge with wavy tonality.

Crystalline keys drip like rain on rooftops, pooling in puddles of reverb. Buzzy bass notes hum and rumble to the click and kick of a bubbly beat as vocals glow, amber, in a dusky cloudbank of sound.


An ode to second chances chases along on air in "Shatter," enticing you to turn the tide of heart and mind on a dime.

This song is a great way to slip into a tonal trance. In short, it's entrancing. Check it out; it's a button-press away.

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