Baroque Meets Pop in Valerio Lysander's "The Prince"

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Rebounding vocals catch and release at each breath over an intricate soundscape in Valerio Lysander's "The Prince".

The emphasis in "The Prince" lies primarily in the singing, but there's a world of detail worth appreciating in it as well.

A fair for an heir... A coronation...

Crowned king of all and sundry soon.

A flower yet unbloomed... Carnation...

Your procession stalls in hesitation.


"I wonder where I've lost my crown..."

Vocables, wordless and wavering, scatter in shards and clusters over a crowded chorus of elements in "The Prince".

Baroque energy and detail dance with pop predictability and structure in this track. The result of their union is this - a cross-pollination of principled classical tradition with festive folk feel, in a format modern listeners can digest.

Where the chorus swells, keys careen in frantic arpeggios. Where bass bounces up and down again, padded horns warm the spectrum. Where lyrics allude, strummed strings intersect. As an experience, "The Prince" is full-featured.

This song is likely to be unlike anything else you've encountered of late. If you're up for a creative take on pop, especially in the vein of classical influences, then Lysander may just have you covered.

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