Odd Nugget Social-done

Vernal rock; unruly and rumbustious… Bad Cop’s “Dreamer Man” steps out of line with post-punk pride.

Riant rhythm meets electric energy at an indie crossroads… Effect-distanced singing and an everyday outcast’s story make for one superbly snappy song.

“She loves shiny things…”

Sitting. Sidewalk lacks lumbar support. You kick loose asphalt.

Speakers beat a ruckus at your back; brightest house on the block…

Your red cup cracks as you squeeze its ice.

A skateboard rolls up to a halt between your feet. A smiling face finds you beneath a warm streetlight.

“But he don’t see the reality…”

Bad Cop rock a Raconteurs approach to rock, with ample piano punctuating and grizzly guitar fuzz. Think “Top Yourself” with more upbeat verve.

Spaced-out vocals enrapture – fusing with the fuzz and pulsing over danceable distortion. The lyrics imply an innocent, fated encounter lurks round the bend for two alternative souls mixed-up in some glistening metropolis. Haven’t met, yet must meet…

Odd Nugget So-done

Bass probes the blank for sharp melodic responses throughout each verse, then opens up into the chorus with unfettered fervor.

“Dreamer Man” as a song makes for a cityfied singalong. It’s uplifting at heart and satisfyingly straight-etched to boot. Try it out with a listen.

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