BABYTEETH Blow Up Their "Cocoon" With Grunge and Guitars

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Raucous rock ignites to gruff grunge fireworks in BABYTEETH's "Cocoon".

BABYTEETH nurse nuance from noisy tones here, to next-level effect.

Be alive or die? Today you aren't certain.

Breath bated, pulled curtains...

You already know.

It's your time to go.


"You're pulling at my thread..."

Like Smashing Pumpkins smashing flat into Soundgarden, BABYTEETH take on multiple musical hues in "Cocoon". Throwback retro arrangement mixes well with more modern style throughout this track.

Raw rhythm and a slew of satisfying chord shifts stipple nuance over the track's abstract intentions. Death, rebirth... Verse to chorus, this tune turns on its heels, hitting hard and heavy when it wants, then simmering down to soothing sounds.


There's a definite dark stripe to the band's sound. Lyrics look deep into bad decisions, finding gratitude in the lessons they impart, while deceptively simple chord progressions slip into subtle altered states. It's philosophy reeling from a contact high.

Understand that you likely won't be able to stop at a single listen with this song. "Cocoon" is everything grunge concert-goers adore with a touch more for good measure. Press play and the pleasure is yours.

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