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Baby stories and books with creepy details... If that's what you're looking for, you'll find plenty to peruse below!

Human The One-Hundred Series Book 6

Cressa-la, now separated from her missing body, can feel the darkness penetrating deeper into her subconscious as exhaustion weights her down.

If she falls asleep, she'll succumb to death, but if she continues to fight against evil, fatigue will crush her into powder.

Just like the moon, Cressa-la has a dark side too-a side she's going to have to face if she wants to protect everyone she loves.

Is she strong enough to take on the fight behind the veil with her own two hands, or will her light forever disappear from the face of the earth? Available to purchase now as an ebook and paperback.

Books in series order: 1.

The One-Hundred 2.

Untouched Water (Alternate Version) 3.

Tamir (Prequel) 3.5.

Dametria (Short Story) 4.

Damian's Deeds 5.

The One 5.5.

The Deal (Novella) 6.

Human 7.

Damian [[word count: 80,000-90,000]]

Human The One-Hundred Series Book 6 on Wattpad

After I put the baby to sleep, I went to make a smoothie for myself.

Putting them in while theyre awake causes too many screams.

Posted on Reddit by SwaggerNexusShit.

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"Don't worry baby; we're going to get on that highway and leave this toxic situation behind us for good," he said, as I sighed with gratitude.

My sighs turned to gasps as he sped onto the highway down the wrong-way ramp.

Posted on Reddit by TheSanityInspector.

My Stupid Mate: Book 3

Book 3 $#!# has hit the fan, the packs are scattered, werewolves are being hunted, and Amaris is clinging to anything she can to keep her head straight.

She got her mate back but everything threatens to pull them apart again as safety and security become a thing of the past.

Join her in the third installment of My Stupid Mate!

My Stupid Mate: Book 3 on Wattpad

Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo

I sing as I release the baby sharks finless mother back into the ocean

Posted on Reddit by WritingSucks.

I was elated when the cheer captain who led the team in bullying me all through highschool invited me to her baby shower.

For her very special day, I brought my homemade sweet tea with a secret ingredient.

Posted on Reddit by TeeteringCrockery.


A man, enters a mansion in ruins, to know what, after being abandoned, remains.

He not only learns that it's been haunted by ghosts that he had once known but realizes that he must face the wrath of three women: a whisperer, a screamer, and, a mother.

Will a horrific journey through the past, lead him to an angel who would redeem him and exorcise the place with her beauty? Or will he find peace in darkness?


[FEB22] I told the village headman I shot the tiger that had killed his pregnant wife, giving the baby's corpse as proof.

I didn't tell him I found it in its womb.

Posted on Reddit by flanneur.

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