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This book is like a teaserspoiler of the Annabelle movie where you get the movie plot summarized into ten shorter chapters.

The end is my own version.

Before The Conjuring.

It was the year of 1969 when Mia gets a doll as a birthday gift from her husband John.

The doll "Annabelle" was actually meant to be a toy for the coming baby.

They soon notice something strange and unhuman about the doll.

After a line of paranormal activity, they finally decide to get help.

Based on true Events and the famous James Wan horror movie "Annabelle" WARNING: do not se the real Annabelle movie if you're sensitive, the movie is forbidden in some countries for causing violence and nightmares.

Annabelle is REAL! She's locked in a safe case at the Warrens occult museum in Connecticut if you're interested in visiting her.

A little fact: the real Annabelle doll is actually a raggedy ann doll.

WARNING: The exorcism chapter "chapter IX" Contains the same sentences that are used for real exorcisms.

The content can be very disturbing! Please! Contact me if you find any possible misspellings in the story.

Thank you.

Horrorfan fiction)

Annabelle on Wattpad

Your doctor said there was only one baby, but youre still experiencing contractions.

Five minutes later, you give birth to a perfectly round ball of flesh.

Posted on Reddit by guywhowearssocks.

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I've heard all my family members talk about how my baby brother wasn't baked enough when he came out of the oven.

But I don't understand why my parents were so upset they found out I had put him back in the oven to be baked some more.

Posted on Reddit by savannah_soccerfield.

Two Heavy

What is inside Lola's bump is very very unusual.

Warning: Some may find this disturbing Weekendwritein attempt for prompts: Bump, Food, Package, Ruin, Repeat, Value, Debate and Approach

Two Heavy on Wattpad

My baby was on fire.

This was awhile back but still bothers me to this day. It was 2016 and me (22) and my husband (28) were moving in to a rental home. I was 6 months pregnant and we were thrilled to move in to a nice community since before we had lived in a sketchy part of town. We didn't know much about this rental except it was in a good school district, low crime area, and within our budget. Time passes without any problems and soon our son was born. His birth was textbook and he slept well in the hospital. This all changed when we brought him home.

The first night home was awful. Every time we set him in his crib he screamed. I'm not talking a normal "I'm hungry or need a new diaper" cry, a legitimate scream like he was in pain. My husband and I had to take shifts at night so one could be with him and the other could sleep. My shift was always second and started around 2-3 in the morning. I tried my best to sleep but shortly after my sons birth I began having horrible nightmares. I would dream nightly about my son being hurt or needing me and I couldn't get to him.

At my 6 week checkup I told my OBGYN and she believed I was having post partum anxiety and prescribed me medicine and recommended I see a counselor. Weeks passed by since starting the medicine and counseling and I was still having nightmares and my son was still screaming all night long. His pediatrician told us it was Colic and that we just needed to wait it out.

Everything changed when he turned 3 months old. His screaming continued but started to be all day instead of just at night. My nightmares became much more specific. One night I dreamed that I walked in to my sons room and he was on fire and screaming. Though I was in his room my feet were stuck inside his doorway. I couldn't move or speak, I could only watch my son screaming in pain.

I woke up screaming and hyperventilating. My husband ran in to our room and tried to console me.

The next few days I could not sleep. I spent most of my days at work and my evenings sitting on my front porch talking to my next door neighbor. She was the sweetest old lady who had lived in this neighborhood since it was originally built in the 70s.

I guess she could tell something was wrong and asked me if I was okay. Reluctantly I told her how my baby had been acting and how I was having horrible nightmares. She was sympathetic and asked me to elaborate. I didn't feel comfortable telling her the details so I just told her I had dreams about fires in the house.

Her face quickly changed from caring and concerned to horrified. Seconds of quiet felt like hours before she spoke again. "Do you know what happened at this house?" She said. I told her no. She sighed and looked down before grabbing my hands and looking at me. She goes on to tell me that a few years ago there was a fire at the house due to some faulty wiring done poorly by the landlord. There was a young family with a 3 month old baby living there and unfortunately the baby passed away in the fire. She said the couple moved away and the house was renovated and put up for rent after.

I was in shock.

I ran inside to my husband holding our baby and told him we needed to leave. He must have seen the fear in my eyes since he did not ask me to explain myself until we had got in the car. I explained what happened in the house and how I felt like my dreams were warnings that we needed to leave before something happened to our baby.

Luckily my brother-in-law lived in the next town over so we went there. The first night we stayed in his house our son slept through the night. Not a single peep. I checked on him every hour since it was so unusual for him to sleep this well. From then on, apart from normal baby stuff, my son never screamed again like he did in that house. My husband packed our stuff and we stayed with my brother-in-law until we were able to get out of our lease and rent a new place.

I never went back.

I will never go back.

I just pray for whoever moved in there next.

Posted on Reddit by boogaloey.

I was driving as fast as I could, but there was no way I'd make it to the hospital before the baby came.

By the time I pulled up in front of the emergency room neither my wife nor my daughter were making a sound

Posted on Reddit by Theresmypiebro.

It's Baby .

This story is about a lonely girl who starts to experience paranormal events taking place in her home, or is the paranormal taking over her body ? Xxxx currently editing

It's Baby . on Wattpad

Baby, whats that flashing red light?, my wife asked shaking me awake from deep sleep.

Dont worry, its just the smoke alarm light, I muttered groggily as I drifted back into eternal slumber.

Posted on Reddit by K__Dilkington.

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