Babbling April's "Reputation" Grows Into Its Own


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Joan Jet gets a makeover in Babbling April's eclectically pleasing "Reputation."

This gorgeous shoegaze ballad alters the tone of Jet's original statement - approaching it from a unique and intimate angle. It's self-love in song and it's awesome.

"I don't give a damn about my reputation."

A boot kicks dust over a plateau's edge. Wind breathes it into the distance.

You watch it spread thin against a molten sunset.

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A fluttering figure brushes past you at speed to spread its wings as shadow over the landscape.

You stumble backwards in happy surprise; feathers in your hair.

"Measure me up. I couldn't care less."

Recycling a classic song's punch line without sounding derivative is no small order, but Babbling April bake it anew.

Aggression and angst are nowhere to be found in this one. A sense of self-assuredness and calm confidence flows from "Reputation" in a flood of nuance. Smooth and sweet.

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There's a lot of country style on display here, but this track takes a nearly Native American turn at intervals as well, with a neat change of rhythm to boot.

The droning, wishy-washy sound of shoegaze is present, but it's tempered with thoughtful, audible rhythm uncommon to much of the genre.

For a calm spell, this song is swell. For inquisitive ears, it's well worth a listen. Try it and enjoy.

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