Awesome Resin Art - Castings, Masks and More


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Resin ranks high among hobbyists, and for pretty good reason. As a moldable material, it's often used to create custom toys, masks and props with little initial investment.

Artists armed with resin can recreate their favorite fandom props and costumes or even create their own spectacular trinkets from scratch. Some of the awesome resin creations people come up with are enough to spend an entire day checking out.

Casting resin allows artists of all types to mold their very own 3-dimensional objects quickly and effectively. Liquid synthetic resin is poured into a custom made mold and allowed to dry. When the resin hardens, the finished creation is removed from the mold and refined.

"Resin cast alien 1" by BOULARIS

Resin cast alien 1

Here, we've found a bunch of awesome art made with resin. So, check out a few creative applications artists have found for this very versatile medium below!

"Dragon Resin: Hmm - 2" by SovaeArt

Dragon Resin: Hmm - 2

"Resin dragon mask" by zarathus

Resin dragon mask

"resin castings line up." by BOULARIS

resin castings line up.

"Glow - August 25th - resin" by FrozenNote

Glow - August 25th - resin

"Octopus Altered Art Resin Spoon Pendant" by Create-A-Pendant

Octopus Altered Art Resin Spoon Pendant

"Feathered resin bangle" by hogret

Feathered resin bangle

"Halo M6C SOCOM Resin Replica" by JohnsonArmsProps

Halo M6C SOCOM Resin Replica

"Demon Lancer Chick resin kit" by slipgatecentral

Demon Lancer Chick resin kit

"[HALO] Covenant Energy Sword" by Dj3r0m

[HALO] Covenant Energy Sword

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