Awakened by Agnese Stengrevics' "You Are My World"



"You Are My World," Agnese Stengrevics's newest single, translates intense emotions in stellar style.

Her entry to the Latvian music entertainment show "Supernova," "You Are My World" is a strong contender for sure.

Agnese Stengrevics contributes her dynamic voice to the techno backing of "You Are My World" exquisitely. Her personality bleeds into the track throughout, ranging from close, personal honesty to exalting enthusiasm.

"I wanna hold you..."

Neon swirls in slow-mo to the rhythm of a moving mob.

A tangle of flesh, the dance floor lives and breathes in darkness. On stage, light bursts to view; an explosion of brilliance to sparkle in spectator's eyes.

For but a moment, the club is the world and the world ceases to exist.

"And never let you go."

Opening to a rainy soundscape, "You Are My World" quickly steps into a surprisingly solid groove. Definitely dance-able and heavy on harmony.

Overall, the song is quality trance; euphoric and smooth with a bobbing beat.


Agnese's voice is raw and smoky amidst the transient synths - speaking to the hidden fears of the broken-hearted.

Check out "You Are My World" if you're up for a solid trance track with depth and a touch of soul.

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